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That would be interesting to see. That cable car is a nice model, and one rarely seen in the forums.

As for the category, probably the railway section would be most appropriate, as the cable car kit is derived from a real vehicle. While Alternate Dimensions is more about fictional/sci-fi objects.

I believe sharing the build and describing what you did to enhance the model would be very useful for others. That way they may get inspired by your own process.

Having scanned the kit for your own use, and to make your modifications is ok.

However, since the book is still under copyright protection, and the publisher (Perigee) still acts as part of Penguin Books, and since the kit can still be bought from vendors like Amazon, it would be considered piracy to share scans of the original kit.

Did you re-draw all the parts of the kit, or just a few? I'm sure Alan Rose would be happy to see the new enhancements. He was glad modern technology allowed for his designs to be revitalized. However, I think permission from his state would be required to share the new digital files (in case the digital version comprises all or most of the kit).

If what you redraw were only a few parts of the kit, and they can be considered as add-ons that someone having the original kit can use, there is a chance you can share them (only those few parts, not the whole kit).

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