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I completely agree that sharing scans of the original would be piracy (and is something that never even crossed my mind to do - it's just wrong).

I scanned the entire model to make sure that all of the parts I was working with would be to the same scale, so the entire model has actually been digitized.

It's a question of how the amount of new content (created by me) vs original content (created by Alan Rose) should be calculated. For a part that's been redrawn simply to clean it up, so it's still the same shape, in the same colors, and obviously is the same part as designed, the amount of new content is clearly 0%, and clearly is not something that can be redistributed.

For a part that has the same shape as the original, and fits in the same place as designed, but has been recolored so that the result is a different appearing model, what percentage is original and what percentage is new? How much does "this is the shape of the model and how it fits together" contribute vs "this is the color pattern of the model and what it will end up looking like"?

A part that has been redesigned and now has a different shape than the original, but goes in the same location on the final model, I would consider the percentage of new content to be more than 50%, which therefore would probably be OK to distribute, although it's possible a designer might disagree, depending on how much redesign was done.

A completely new part that's intended to replace or supplement part of the original would obviously be OK.

In this case, there are parts that fall into all four categories. A number of them are simply recolored, since the original model was of car #16 in a particular paint scheme, and the new version is of car #1 in a completely different paint scheme. Others are simply cleaned up. Still others are redesigned to make them sturdier or remove overlapping joints and replace them with flush ones (especially since the original model has some parts that are double-sided, and my version uses two separate parts to recreate that). I also have some completely new parts that would be enhancements that could be used by someone else building the original.

I had in mind to show reduced-size images of the changes in a way that would prevent them from being used to build a model from as part of this, which I assume would be OK in any case. It's the gray area between the "clearly not OK" and "clearly OK" that I'm trying to figure out.


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