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Originally Posted by jamoldover View Post

Here are the ethics questions - 1) given that Mr. Rose is now no longer living, and I cannot, therefore, ask permission to share what I did, can I describe the process I went through in terms of scanning/remodeling, or should I only share the actual build process?

2) If it is OK to share what I did in terms of the remodel process, would it be OK to share the remodeled version files with the other members of this board? I have no plans to do this commercially or to claim any sort of copyright. As far as I'm concerned, this started as an Alan Rose model, and it still is an Alan Rose model - I just tweaked it a bit and changed the colors.

Thank you,

Hi Joshua,

Alan Rose work was for sale on eBay. If I remember right it was all models and rights to them.

Not sure if anyone purchased the package. If someone did then it might be best to contact them for permission to share as a down loadable model.

Best regards,
Mike Bauer
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