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They are my favorite airplane on the airport. DC4 are close, but C-46 is way ahead in the like factor.

Here in Kenai we have a really long runway, big 747/757 can land here if weather in Anchorage is bad.

The military constantly uses our field for instrument practice, one of these days I'm going to get a C-17 and the C-46's in a photo together.

My parking is about 75-yards from the end of 2L runway. Had a front row seat when some F-22's visited. Talk about being close to thunder, when those things hit the afterburner, you can feel it in your chest.

My little RV might get off the ground sooner, but it can't go straight up like they can.

Wish there was an extra seat in the C-46's, would love to go for a ride. Pilots and fuel tank only.

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