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Heavy Cruiser CA-26 Northampton

So after a long fight, I finished (I hope) the second model of cruisers from the Northampton class. I started from the beginning and the first was the CA-26 Northampton. My idea that it would be a few easy adjustments soon proved to be very wrong. In my estimate, at least 75% of the pieces are modified or completely new. I even had to change the hull and decks (the first three ships of the class had a short bow deck and the front chimney stood on its own superstructure, while the rest had a deck extended to the chimney ...), the superstructures, details, equipment changed ....
So there was a lot of work, but I am very pleased with the result. The ship is as she looked at the time of her last battle at Cape Tassafaronga on November 30, 1942. She carries camouflage Ms 11, ie vertical surfaces in 5-S Sea Blue, horizontal in 20B Deck Blue.
I'm currently putting together the materials for Chester. :-)
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