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Originally Posted by lfuente View Post
Just want to add that there already are small scale JMSDF helicopters including a Merlin look-alike from various official Japanese websites, search the threads started by wireandpaper and John W. Some webpages are gone but may be archived on the WayBack machine.

As for JCG helicopters, Kurukurupakn's website is gone but some pages might be found on the WayBack machine - like the Hughes 500, Bell Jetranger/Longranger and Aerospatiale (Super) Puma.

No recoloring needed as these are already in Japanese markings, unless you want specific aircraft numbers matching your ship. They're mostly boxy, but probably OK for small scale.
According to Wikipedia the onboard helicopter of Kirishima is a Mitsubishi SH-60K. The SH-60K is a patrol/asw version of the Mitsubishi H-60, and this is the Japanese version of the Sikorsky S-70. It's an upgraded version of the SH-60J, and was built in the first decade of this century. Both the SH-60J and SH-60K versions are still in service

Various paper models of the SH-60J and SH-60K can be downloaded from various JMSDF websites, this is a SH-60K, available as free download from this page with more paper models of aircraft/helicopters serving in the JMSDF, like this SH-60J (simple version), or this SH-60J

Last question is what serial number should be on the helicopter. This is an image from the manual of a 1/350 plastic kit by Pit-Road, with a SH-60J for a 1990's version:

this image comes from the 1/700 Hasegawa kit

This is a SH-60K from the website with the paper models

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