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Originally Posted by MacSongLi View Post
With it being a scratch build, the detailed photos and explanations are nice (as long as it isn't too much work).
It sure isn't too much work! I love talking about the models I build. The thing is before finding this site and meeting people at the IPMC no one understood what it takes to make these models. So, the fact that I can share it with you all and perhaps even inspire some to try my style is super exciting!!!

Anyway, I've been working on it today, spent roughly... oh I don't know, 4 hours or so just on what I'll share in this update. Firstly, I want to go for busy, I want there to be too much to look at. I want to have so much going on that just the shear amount of colors, parts, layers, etc. makes it look that much more realistic.

To start that off, I've been putting together the cockpit. Today I started with the back of the cockpit. I've built the fuel selector, the fuel lines, a fire extinguisher, a valve, and some electrical boxes. There is still too much open space so I will be sure to find a way to fill that space with something.

The fuel selector.
To build the fuel selector I used a 3/8" hole punch to get the disk size if the selector. After that I glued another hole punched circle of 1/8" diameter in the center. Then, I laminated a few layers of paper together and made the selector arm and glued that to the 1/8" circle. I then painted it all up and labeled the L/R/B for left, right and both fuel tanks. After making that part I needed to figure out a way to make the fuel lines. to do that I punched another 3/8" circle and glued it straight the wall, painted it the same and used it as reference for the wire. To make the fuel lines I used wire and some paper rolled up and cut to size for the fittings. Essentially, I made a really long tube on the wire and cut it down to the size I needed, about 1mm. I also used those for the mounting points where the line would be mounted to the plane.

Fire Extinguisher.
The fire extinguisher took a few tries. To build them I took a picture off google for the instructions you'll see on them. wrapped it around a 1/8" dowel and glued it up. The handle and hose were simple. just cut some triangles and made them roughly resemble the handle. The hose is wire super glued into place. I had to make it twice as the 3/8" one I made first was way to big.

Valve thing.
The valve I put together by hole punch about 6 130lb paper 1/4" punched circles together. Cut a bit of a toothpick up and used that in the center. For the handle, just a few laminated layers of paper. This valve shows off a technique taught to me by Don Boose. Using tiny dabs of glue made the perfect size bolts. Then, painted over with a metallic paint really made them pop. Thanks for the suggestion Don!

I've still got lots more to go. So far I'm roughly 20 hours into this project.
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Working on a scratch built Grumman Goose G-21A
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