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Originally Posted by cafe View Post
If you want a red single-seat MiG-17, there's this one. It's an early MiG-17 "sans suffix" though, not the more common MiG-17F with afterburner-equipped VK-1F engine. Note the different airbrakes.
There is a Mig-15 model from YG
Here is my recent build of it
Sometimes even I-img_4637.jpg

and a two seater Mig-15UTI in red from Hobby Model
Sometimes even I-img_8141.jpg

as an FYI, the two seat Mig-17 derivative was only built in China as the Chengdu JJ-5. It also served with Pakistan air force.
Sometimes even I-jj-5-two-seat-mig-17-derivative.jpg

The Soviets did not use it and instead used the Mig-15 UTI which was similar.

My gallery []
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