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I am working diligently to get this 2nd truck load cataloged and priced. I've cataloged 23 of those large boxes so far and have almost that many yet to go. My first lists on here seem like a mere pittance.

So to give you a little tease:

It seems like virtually all of the vehicles (air land and sea) up until a couple years ago produced by Modelik and GPM are accounted for. Probably all Fly Model kits (and tons of canopies for the aircraft) are accounted for.

There is an overwhelming number of Halinski kits.

A craptonne of JSC stuff, JFS stuff, Answer, Orlik, Wak, Answer/Angraf.

TONNES of old Maly (including three kits from the 50's and early 60's). A few old Kranich and around a dozen Geli models.

Oh and all those little boxes.....are mostly full of printed downloads that I can't really sell. And no I have not cataloged any of those....

Stay tuned.....

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