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Thanks, Erik! I don't know why that stab is so far forward. It's dang small too. I get the impression that this machine may not have been too darn stable. In any event, it sure looks cool.

Well...I had to do a few mods on the engine because I was a doofus. Not really! The trouble was that the cowling rings went together so well that I suddenly realized I shouldn't have put so many rings on and my engine would NEVER fit through the front opening! Do'h!

The directions are kind of hard to follow too in that there are multiple ways to build various parts such as a simple flat engine vs. the 3-D unit. I added nice formers into the cowling and that was a mistake too. Probably made for the flat engine install. So I should have just made the cowling a shell and then it could have been carefully placed over the finished engine. Now what?

I decided that I didn't want to just use the flat engine but I didn't want to cut up my nice cowling so I compromised...I made the engine, but left off some of the top parts of the cylinders that represent the rocker arm covers (I think). That way, the engine basically looks nice and busy and 3-D but really isn't complete. The cylinder tops will be hidden by the rest of the front cowling as it continues to slope in. I have two more rings to go. I also need to add my push rods too!

Cheating, I know...but I figured this was my best option. Next time I won't paint myself into a sure looks sleek with that cowling on too!

Thanks for looking and for those in the US...Happy Thanksgiving!

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