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Aircraft Manufacture in Bulgaria

Aircraft Manufacture in Bulgaria by Dimitar Nedialkov
ISBN 978-954-92426-1-4
188 pages parallel Bulgarian and English text, 28 pages colour profiles. Available in hard and soft cover.

The latest work from Col. prof Nedialkov is a concise yet comprehensive history of series aircraft production in Bulgaria. Profusely illustrated with many high quality photographs, three view drawings and full colour profiles, this book begins with on overview of Bulgarian aircraft from 1892 to 1958 before delving into details of the series production of the DAR, Kaproni-Bulgarski and LAZ factories.

While Bulgaria had one of the very first dedicated air forces, and was the first country to use air power in combat, her domestic aircraft production got off to a late start - complicated by the Treaty of Neuilly which severely limited the types and used of aircraft. Aircraft manufacture ceased completely in 1958 as part of a WarPac decree.

While bad news for Bulgaria, it does mean that a reasonably sized volume can cover the entirety of airplanes built in the country in satisfying detail.

I purchased this copy from who also carry the most of the the Colonel Professor's work. I can heartily recommend both the site and Nedialkov's other works including a 2 volume history of Bulgarian Fighters, a 4 vol. set ;AIR POWER OF THE KINGDOM BULGARIA.

He also has a book about the Japanese-Russian clashes over Kahlkin Gol/Nomanhan that's worth finding as well.
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