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Glossy cardstock

As requested I've attached some piccies of the Pompidou model printed out onto high gloss photo card stock; the original just looked a little flat and I fancied having a go with different stock.

p7 gives some idea of the general model. Look closely and you'll see at the base the way the card 'bows' out. This will be fixed with base pieces but it demonstrates the strength of photo card stock.

p3 shows how difficult it is to make a right angle edge. It takes real pressure to hold the card in place, again given its inherent strength, and then you run the risk of damaging other parts of the card. I see no real alternative than superglue for fixing these parts. You will get your finger tips stuck so be careful.

p4 (not a good shot) but shows again the difficulty of getting a perfect fit. Look at the black line about a third way down. I suspect I'll work on this with tiny dots of super glue.

p5 gives an idea of the card stock. You'll note that there are a number of bends. Interestingly I have found these to be easier than right angles. In p2 you can see the escalators that run up the side of the building. This is one piece with lots of curves and bends and yet turned out to be a lot easier than I thought.

In practical terms it has been difficult to apply pressure to both parts of the join because, given the nature of the building, you have to apply pressure from the inside as well as the outside. Not easy. Again the length of the building makes its build a bit tricky.I've found the best way to deal with this is to glue small length first, set it aside then go back to another small length.

In retrospect it's the sort of build that will probably be a lot easier were I to try it again. We'll see.
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