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Old 07-02-2018, 02:07 AM
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Hello Remko 277
I recently made a simplified version of the Eiffel Tower.
The author of the kit is ALAN ROSE.
This version of Schreiber-Bogën is much more difficult and complicated; I wish you good luck and

I will keep your work attentive.

I bought the Schreiber tower too and when I finish a job I will start building it.
I like how you are doing, good luck and greetings
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Old 07-02-2018, 09:30 AM
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Tombow pen for edge coloring

Originally Posted by Remko277 View Post
... I switched to a paintbrush. This worked out very good.
Good old Humbrol enamels! How many memories! Nice idea to cover in one time the two layers, very effective!

If I can add my personal experience - as for edge coloring - I have tried a lot of pastels, chalks, pencils and felt tips and now my favourite edge coloring method involves a particular water based felt tip pen: Tombow ABT (see photo). They provide two tips, one is a fine point, good for little retouches, the other is just like a real brush with a very sharp point. It's really versatile and easy to use. As you will have A LOT of edge coloring still to do this could be a good alternative to enamels.

-always ready for use, no need to clean brush or dilute the paint.
-very handy, the brush tip is good for precision works as well for bigger areas
-HUGE color range: you will always find the exact one you need
-water based: they don't spread over the paper fibers, even if you use it on the cut edges

-water based: they will not cover painted areas or surfaces smeared with glue so you must edge color before using glue (if you have to laminate like in this case you perhaps should need to do a double edge colouring work.)
-not easy to find all the range of colours in a (normal) paint shop (it's always better to do some test in the shop with a model piece in hand to be sure of the right color to buy). If you buy it on the web you can't do this test.
-not very cheap (at least not in my country...).

Anyway I'm very happy with them and, actually, I don't use any other method to paint my edges.

This was just to share my experience (I swear I don't take money from Tombow for this ! )
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Schreiber Bogen Eiffel Tower-dsc08523.jpg  
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Old 07-02-2018, 09:57 AM
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Similar concept to Tonino's suggestion, but refillable to give an unlimited colour range. They can also be used as dip brushes if required. Designed for calligraphy so they're perfectly shaped,and sharp tipped for accurate work. I use them filled with clear water to use with solid water colours or tubed poster paint on a pallet.

Also much cheaper, but with a week or so wait for delivery from in China. Below is a direct link to the item, but you may have to register along the way to get there.

PS: If you're new to don't get too carried away with their silly prices, and don't forget to check the delivery charge.
Keep on snippin' ... Johnny
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Old 07-02-2018, 02:22 PM
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Remko277 You did a wonderful work with all those endless cuts.
I always admired la Tour Eiffel as an engineering masterpiece, and all times i visited it I was impressed by its lightness.
Me too I put it in my endless list of to do models, but i was intimidated by the amount of cuts you have to do for to render the openwork that

distinguishes this building.

About that, in my research i found a long article that better than me explains the concepts and you can read some relevant excerpts here below. There is also an interesting remark that refer to a paper version of the tower. I verified those notes and they are correct.

You can verify by yourself considering those numbers:
height 312,27 mt or 31227 cm
weight 7.300 metric tons or 7.300.000.000 gr

For the paper version (1/1000) you have a height of (near) 31 cm and a weight of 6,47 gm.Voilà

Now the excerpts.

"The aerial theme, however, develops in a completely different direction and meets unpublished symbols on its path, unrelated to the theme of altitude. The first attribute of the substance aerial is lightness. And the tower is a symbol of lightness. One of Eiffel's technical prowess was notoriously to associate the gigantism (however slender) of the form to the lightness of the material; a tower reduced by a thousand times would weigh only seven grams, like a sheet of writing paper.
The second attribute of the air substance is a very particular quality of the surface, which is usually found in certain fabrics, the openwork.
The openwork is a precious attribute of the substance, it attenuates it without destroying it; in short, it shows the emptiness and manifests
nothingness without however eliminate its privative state; you always see the sky through the tower.

Roland Barthes La Tour Eiffel, 1964"

My compliments and I'll follow your thread.
Best, Nando

PS: remember that if you want compare the ratio between a linear dimension and weight you have to transform linear in cubic.

PS: PS: @InstantDurable there is a model that would like to render the emptiness of the openwork by the mean of transparent sheets.
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Old 07-03-2018, 06:52 AM
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You must have a lot of courage to tackle this kit! I wouldn’t dare, unless there was a laser cut version…
Good work so far
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Old 07-03-2018, 05:32 PM
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This is looking wonderful!

I will follow your build
Rubén Andrés Martínez A.

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Old 07-04-2018, 11:34 AM
Remko277 Remko277 is offline
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As I mentioned in my first post, I was already working on the second and third floor cutting when I started this thread. At this time I finished cutting out the second floor. My plan was to cut out all remaining pieces till the top before going further with the actual building process, but there is still soooo much to cut out so I put that work on hold for a short while and this weekend I'm going to ensemble the second floor of the tower. Here are a few pics of all the pieces for this part of the building.
Attached Thumbnails
Schreiber Bogen Eiffel Tower-29.jpg   Schreiber Bogen Eiffel Tower-30.jpg   Schreiber Bogen Eiffel Tower-31.jpg   Schreiber Bogen Eiffel Tower-32.jpg  
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Old 07-04-2018, 12:18 PM
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Hey, you are slacking off. Not cutting all that space out around the small X's!

Just kidding, that would drive someone insane.

Good job and good idea to take it in stages and not try to cut everything in one sitting. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress.
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Old 07-04-2018, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by SCEtoAUX View Post
Hey, you are slacking off. Not cutting all that space out around the small X's!
As you can see on the first picture in this post I started cutting out all the small pieces. But I made too many mistakes and it became a mess so I stopped with that.

I see some other people who build this one have skipped the same parts...
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Old 07-06-2018, 01:46 AM
Llaut Mallorquin Llaut Mallorquin is offline
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Eiffel tower

Hello remko277
It is impossible to make all the cuts of the smallest parts.
Look at my thread on this tower and you will see that I also left things to be cut.
If you have damaged something, you can make a photocopy of the undamaged part and replace it where necessary.
Make the emptying cuts where you see that it is not too difficult
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