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03-26-2010, 05:52 AM
Hey all!
I will send an email too - I have these planes available in 1:33 already and since for now I want to focus on 1:33 please do these first :) Let me know if you want me to send you ne to use for repainting purposed - no charge of course.

Albatros D.III Sergey/Fitter
Berg D.1 marek
SSW D.3 marek
Pfalz D.III Marek/Sergey
Sop Pup Marek/Sergey
Pfalz D.III Marek/Sergey
SE5a Fitter
Ansaldo Balilla Fitter
Fokker E.III Fitter
Se5a Fitter
Sopwith Tabloid Fitter
Spad 7 Fitter
Oeffag Albatros D.III Fitter
Salmson 2A2 Fitter
Breuguet 14 Fitter
Thomas-Morse SC-4 Fitter
Albatros W-4 Fitter
Ansaldo Ballila Fitter
Albatros C.XII marek
Sopwith Snipe marek
Fokker D.VI marek
Pfalz D.XII marek
Bristol F2B marek

Spad 7 Steve Bucher
Sopwith Snipe Steve Bucher
Caudron G.III Steve Bucher
Caudron G.IV Steve Bucher
Voisin LAS Kampflieger
Eastchurch Kitten Steve Bucher
Pfalz Dr.1 Paper Warbirds

Curtiss-Wright Demon marek
Curtiss Seamew marek
Grumman Skyrocket marek
Boeing P-26 marek
F4U-1A marek
A-36 Apache Dave Winfield
P-51A Dave Winfield
P-51B Dave Winfield
P-51C Dave Winfield

Bell XP-59 Airacomet Nobi
SBD Dauntless Nobi
P-40B Paper Aircraftwerks
McDonnell XP-67 Moonbat Will Aldridge

03-26-2010, 06:28 AM
Ok, that's great, but the US aircraft are a bit sparse, and I doubt there'll be an Aces P-67 or P-59.


03-26-2010, 06:48 AM
Chuck Yeager is an "ace"...in many ways!!
He must have flown one of those planes!

My point is...it could be a Pilot you are commemorating
and the plane modeled may just be an aircraft that he flew at some point in his career.
Does it have to be the aircraft he became an "ace" in?

if the series is specifically about "Combat Aces"...then it only applies to "kill/mission" numbers
and should also only apply to the aircraft that they became an "ace" in.

so, whats the answer?

03-26-2010, 07:55 AM
it can be any plane they flew so long as it was in combat and they scored a kill. its still part of their heritage of being an ace and is historically significant. Only allowing the plane he scored his 5ht kill in would be entirely too limiting and difficult to prove.

Ryan - you inadvertantly touch on another part of this series - developing new 1:33 models that the aces flew if they arent already available - hence focusing on the ones we already have!

03-26-2010, 12:40 PM
ok - wow....

I was going through the shop looking for planes in the shop at 1:33 and comparing to those on the aces list.... Ryan certainly hit the nail on the head.... its pretty damn sparse all around :(

I am gonna have to start greasing some palms to get this moving a little better. There are of course several that can be done but its not a huge amount.

I am going to put together a list of models I would like to see done in 1:33 for this project and mail it out to the designers to see what we can do.