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Originally Posted by Uyraell View Post
It's certainly a mighty fine model of the Aeronca, Boats my friend, well up to your usual very fine standards.

Martin Caidin wrote of a few of the men who had flown them, and their descriptions are of great enjoyment.

Kind and Respectful Regards Boats my friend, Uyraell.
thank you very much for your wonderfull reply I have a lot of builds coming up Before I get carried away I( got to finish up my ME 109 Build i got started, Hyere is another one her this is my Piper Cub. thanks Uyraell.
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Hi Boats,

Nice Areonca, it's a somewhat of an historic little plane.......Did you know that before he flew Jet fighters in Korea, and X planes at Edwards AFB, and the Apollo 11 Eagle to the moon that Neil Armstrong learned to fly and earned his flight certificate in an Areonca Champ when he was 16 years old?

It still exists and hangs on a wall at the Neil Armstrong Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

Now back to our regular programing...................

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I came in behind an Aeronca Champ, and I was just about to to set the flaps to full down in the Piper Warrior I was in, when the guy in the Champ decided to see how slow he could go. I was dropping out of that sky, he got pushed off the center line of the runway, and I passed him, as I applied full power, dumped the flaps and aborted the landing. I think he was doing around 40 knots. Those planes can fly so slow, in the right wind I think they can go backwards!! I did the annual on that plane too! They are beautiful planes, and your plane looks great Boats!
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Interesting concept, building from a balsa plan and substituting card stock. Much more economical. I'd be interested to know how the weight compares with a balsa version. Some of the balsa kits I've built have wood near the density of oak in spots! I might have to try this just for chuckles and grins.

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