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Old 06-18-2018, 02:42 AM
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You forgot something really important in your tool list: MAGIC, a lot's of magic
Damn your models are so clean, absolutely no glue stain, no fold mark, it's unbelievable
It's perfection !

Best regards!
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Old 06-18-2018, 06:36 AM
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Thanks for the comments, friends

The last details. I assembled the slats in the extended position. They look fragile and they are fragile…
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Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-c197.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-c198.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-c199.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-c200.jpg  
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Old Yesterday, 06:15 AM
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Originally Posted by ricleite View Post
The last details.

Gene K
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Old Yesterday, 08:26 PM
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If Willy Messrschmidt were still around he would hire you in a heart beat.

(Believe it or not my auto keerect tried to put mastectomy in there for Willy's last name! Ain't technology wunnerfull...)

“I love it when a plane comes together.” - Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, A Team leader

First rule of paper modeling: "If at first you don't succeed --- print out another one."
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Old Today, 06:32 AM
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@ Gene K - thanks
@ MichaelS - indeed!...

This plane has, quite easily, a bigger number of parts than any that I have assembled. It was very time consuming but not excessively difficult. The difficulty is of the “honest” type. It comes from the overall complexity, detail level and the small size of many parts but not from bad engineering or bad fit. In fact, assembling this kit was very much like assembling a pair of “ordinary” Halinskis.
The pictures of the completed model fail to show that the little toy has over 1600 parts. From a closer range, it becomes clear that it is not the old GPM kit. But you would need a magnifying glass, a lamp and some imagination to see everything because a good deal is hidden. So, the final pictures may best be seen after the 200 construction pictures, which is another record on my threads

I took two sets of general pictures, with natural or artificial lighting.
Attached Thumbnails
Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-g05.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-g06.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-g07.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-g08.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-g01.jpg  

Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-g02.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-g03.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-g04.jpg  
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Old Today, 06:33 AM
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Side views...
Attached Thumbnails
Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-l01.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-l02.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-l03.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-l04.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-l05.jpg  

Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-l06.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-l07.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-l08.jpg  
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Old Today, 06:35 AM
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...and the last ones.
As promised, the next plane will be GPM's Ryan Fireball.
Attached Thumbnails
Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-h01.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-h02.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-t01.jpg   Me 262A-1 / Halinski / 1:33-me-262-t02.jpg  
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Old Today, 07:05 AM
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Simply astounding. Congratulations on completing this,
and thank you for the build thread!

Respect the Paper, RESPECT IT!
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Old Today, 08:34 AM
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As usual, you do an amazing job and the model looks great .... well done ... I take off my hat.

If I may, then a little note.....
I think there is a little bit problem with the model, perhaps in its design.
the wings from the front look straight.

I think the problem was created by connecting the wings to the outer side of the engines.
in Halinski model the base of the wings does rise up between the body and the inner side of the engines, but the rest of the wings seem straight.

they should be angled this.


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Old Today, 09:07 AM
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Hi Ricardo, just in time to check in on the conclusion of your build. The result is spectacular, just as the model itself. 1600 parts is even more than the bigger and seemingly more complicated Ju88! I see Yoav's point, the front view of your model suggests a knick in the wings at the location of the engine nacelle, but this may well be a trick of the eye.

Congratulations, that's for sure and what else can I say at the moment besides being jealous of your skills and envying you for having the time to build?

There's something you and your fellow-countryman Ronaldo have in common, very gifted, albeit in different areas .

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1:33, halinski, me 262a-1

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