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Old 10-10-2018, 12:52 PM
VonMick VonMick is offline
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Curtiss R3

Good morning

I wanted to make something in two days at the most.
As i turned out it took me more than a month to finish it.
I settled with simple R 3 that could be found here:

ペーパークラフト 高橋エコラン実験室-資料

As my patience and will to finish is very limited these days it looks how it looks.

I started with the floats, I expect trouble with them and yet they were pretty easy.
Attached Thumbnails
Curtiss R3-2018-09-10-t-14-56-54-00271.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-10-t-15-02-48-00273.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-10-t-15-28-58-00282.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-10-t-15-48-24-00291.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-10-t-15-59-58-00294.jpg  

Curtiss R3-2018-09-10-t-16-14-28-00296.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-10-t-16-19-56-00298.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-10-t-16-42-40-00305.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-10-t-19-13-00-00310.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-10-t-21-09-18-00311.jpg  

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Old 10-10-2018, 12:55 PM
VonMick VonMick is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Warsaw
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Curtiss R 3 part 2

Only few parts left.
Let's try to cover those gallons of glue with paint.
Camouflage is fictious, when I give it 3 bladed propeller the whole authenticity went through the window.

Painting level match that of assembly but at least I didn't waste the time watching TV.
I didn't use decent brush or exact paint colors.
Adhesive tape is also cheap one.
Attached Thumbnails
Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-10-46-40-00314.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-10-46-44-00315.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-12-04-10-00327.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-12-45-50-00328.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-13-02-06-00331.jpg  

Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-15-43-52-00337.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-15-47-30-00340.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-16-15-56-00344.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-16-20-46-00347.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-16-36-06-00348.jpg  

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Old 10-10-2018, 12:57 PM
Falco Falco is offline
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I found that building papermodels with a deadline is asking too much... I settle for just enjoying the build. I try to only build when I am in the right mood and mindset to avoid ruining the experience.
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Old 10-10-2018, 01:01 PM
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Thanks VonMick,

Great work so far. Added this and the Macchi to my already too long build list!!
的 love it when a plane comes together. - Colonel John 滴annibal Smith, A Team leader
Long Live 1/100!! FB:
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Old 10-10-2018, 01:34 PM
VonMick VonMick is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Warsaw
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Curtiss R 3 part 3

The botch continues

Thanks for kind words.

And You're right Falco.
Never been too good for contests, having fun while making something was all that matter.

As for the Machhi, from the first time I saw this model
wanted to do this one
Macchi M.C.72 - Statek powietrzny - Pojazdy - Wykonane z papieru - Canon Creative Park

This type of camo got one major advantage for me.
When one "thorn" or strip was drying out I could paint another one on the other side of fuselage or wing.

The cheap adhesive paint didn't pay off.
I use some 160 grade paper and on the wing leading edge it didn't stand up to the constant removal of tape.
Attached Thumbnails
Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-16-58-42-00350.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-17-30-28-00354.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-11-t-17-33-28-00356.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-12-t-20-19-58-00014.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-12-t-20-20-32-00015.jpg  

Curtiss R3-2018-09-13-t-09-31-54-00032.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-13-t-09-41-30-00035.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-13-t-10-13-42-00046.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-13-t-10-19-38-00048.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-16-t-11-41-06-00007.jpg  

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Old 10-10-2018, 04:15 PM
Rata's Avatar
Rata Rata is offline
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Interesting camo VonMick. Sorta reminds me of those 'zebra' schemes you used to see on planes used in Africa.
''Oh, stop whining! Can't you just print off another one?''- my wife ca 2018
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Old 10-11-2018, 08:50 AM
VonMick VonMick is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Warsaw
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Curtiss R 3 part 4

Camo is based on Captain Paul Hexter's -Razzle Dazzle- Mustang which in turn could also be inspired by disruptive camo used on ships.

Messy area around windscreen results from it being torn away.
Not once but three times.
Finally I choose to make it clear.
After stripes were done with various degree of accuracy, come time for rigging.
Again as it was not planned I have little options left now for installing it.
I just simply glue them to struts
Attached Thumbnails
Curtiss R3-2018-09-19-t-17-44-54-00125.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-19-t-17-51-08-00126.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-19-t-17-51-18-00128.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-26-t-13-31-44-00126.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-26-t-13-32-46-00129.jpg  

Curtiss R3-2018-09-28-t-16-14-14-00096.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-09-28-t-16-36-08-00106.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-10-01-t-12-40-36-00278.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-10-01-t-12-48-30-00279.jpg   Curtiss R3-2018-10-01-t-21-30-16-00305.jpg  

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