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Old 11-15-2021, 01:05 PM
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Scratch Built Grumman Goose G-21A

This is my first Thread Post ever!
I'm excited to share with you guys a new project I'm working on.

For those that were able to attend the IPMC my models displayed were the F/A-18E "Super Hornet" and the Fairey Swordfish "Stringbag". Both of those were scratch built using 3 view drawings. Perhaps I'll eventually make a thread on those past builds, but as of now, I'd like to share with you my new model.

I am making an Amphibious Flying Boat designed and manufactured by Grumman prior to the Northrup Grumman merge. The Goose was to serve as an eight-seat "commuter" aircraft for businessmen in the Long Island area. During World War II, the Goose became an effective transport for the US military (including the United States Coast Guard), as well as serving with many other air forces. During hostilities, the Goose took on an increasing number of combat and training roles. First flight of the prototype took place on May 29, 1937. There were many modifications made to this aircraft, but for my model I will be making the first generation G-21A. The paint scheme has yet to be decided and I'm up to suggestions.

For this model my goal is to make it a "kit". I want someone to be able to cut out each part and build it. It is quite a lofty goal for me as I've never made anything replicable. So far, my progress has led me to complete most of the subframe. There is still a lot of work ahead of me; this will take about a year to complete. (fingers crossed)

Below are some pictures of my progress so far.
1. The plans I'm building the model off of.
2-3. Hand drafts of the parts. (They need work...)
4-5. All of the parts cut out and put together.
Attached Thumbnails
Scratch Built Grumman Goose G-21A-grumman-goose-plans-1.jpg   Scratch Built Grumman Goose G-21A-grumman-frame-drawings-1.jpg   Scratch Built Grumman Goose G-21A-grumman-frame-drawings-2.jpg   Scratch Built Grumman Goose G-21A-grumman-frame-cutouts.jpg   Scratch Built Grumman Goose G-21A-grumman-frame-built-1.jpg  

Working on a scratch built Grumman Goose G-21A
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Old 11-15-2021, 02:46 PM
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting! What a great project. It looks big - is that 1:33 scale? Will bwe watching it evolve with interest.
Rob Tauxe, Atlanta, GA
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Old 11-15-2021, 02:58 PM
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Hey Tyler!

It was great to meet you in Sterling and to see your models. I was interested to hear about you Goose and am happy now to see the project from the very beginning.

This will be an interesting thread and I expect some good discussion since you are coming into the established paper modeling tradition from a different direction than most of us and have developed you own personal methodologies. We will learn a lot from you and I hope that you will find some of the input to be of use to you.

The Goose was a great and good-looking airplane in its day and (in my opinion) is just made for your approach.

Of the earliest members of this Forum, who posts under the name Birder, designed a Goose model for Fiddlers Green many years ago and reprised that design in the Forum a while back US Navy Grumman Goose

It will be most interesting to see the differences and similarities in your approaches.

Very best wishes on this design and build, and war regards to Thea. Its would be fun to see a build of the cathedral she picked up at the IPMC in the future (no pressure!).


PS: Rob Tauxe, who made the previous post, is another long-time paper modeler and Forum member who has built more than a few flying boats, seaplane, and amphibians in his day and has also tried out some innovative techniques over the years. You will probably see him in Sterling next year.
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Old 11-15-2021, 04:34 PM
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Very impressive work on formers...
My Modelling Blog:

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Old 11-15-2021, 04:41 PM
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Oh, that looks very nice and big. Will it have full interior, judging by the door openings? Reminds me of traditional sheet balsa style construction, and why not, as that has worked for many decades. Looking forward to seeing your progress and a possible kit available.

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Old 11-15-2021, 06:01 PM
Goncalo Mendes Goncalo Mendes is offline
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Well, it looks a very interesting model! And the work show is very promising.
By the way, the plan is from a Grumman Widgeon, not a Grumnan Goose! Is a little smaller than the Gooose, with similar design. Being lighter, it used smaller inline engines, wich gives more gracefull lines, than is radial engined older brother.
Hope to see it released!
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Old 11-15-2021, 09:08 PM
T haf T haf is online now
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I'm not too sure on the scale at the moment. I'll have to do some math to figure it out.

As for your impressive observation that the 3 view drawings are of the Widgeon, it is true. The general shape is what I was looking for. There is a surprisingly low amount of reference photos in the 3 view style. This one offered cut-away views of the middle of the plane making the design part a bit easier. I intend on using these as reference for the general shape with a twist here and there of my own. I've got some fun plans for this one

I'll post updates as they come. Next step after getting the frame completely done is to start on the interior. It will be fully designed from the rudder pedals to the aft cargo hatch. I'm also going to implement some materials other than paper. I think there will be a bit of wood and some clear plastic for windows. I'll try to use as much paper as possible though.

For anyone interested in the kit aspect of it.
When I get this fully completed it will be unlike any other kit you may have built before. I hope that I can make my vision come to reality.
Working on a scratch built Grumman Goose G-21A
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Old 11-16-2021, 03:18 AM
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wish you all the best on this build
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Old 11-16-2021, 08:00 AM
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Exclamation Reference


I found this 3 view here :
Scratch Built Grumman Goose G-21A-gooseblueprinta.jpg

Worlds of Adventure by Louis L'Amour

or this one :
Scratch Built Grumman Goose G-21A-grumman-goose-sections.jpg

Grumman Goose in detail | Aircraft of World War II - Forums

There should be lots of reference material for your project.

Have fun with your interesting project.

My gallery []
Recent buildsMig-Ye8, NA Sabre, A-4E Skyhawk,Mig-15 red, Mig-17 repaint, CRJ-200
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Old 11-16-2021, 05:27 PM
T haf T haf is online now
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Just a quick update on the subframe. It is complete and I will now be starting on the interior. The interiors have always been my favorite to build.
To start it off, I'm going to be working from the cockpit backwards. This model will have 5 passenger seats, 2 crew member seats, full set of accurate gages, and interior decoration in the cabin. I'm sure I'll come up with more things to put in it as I build it. I'll keep ya'll updated on the project!

I mathed out the scale, it sure isn't standard. The model is 1/23. The final project will be about 50cm long or about 20".

Out of curiosity, would you guys appreciate detailed posts about the build process at broken down intervals or just the general milestones as they come?
Attached Thumbnails
Scratch Built Grumman Goose G-21A-grumman-frame-2.jpg   Scratch Built Grumman Goose G-21A-grumman-frame-botttom.jpg  
Working on a scratch built Grumman Goose G-21A
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