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Old 09-13-2018, 09:54 PM
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Doug, it wouldn't let me restore; said it couldn't access it. I think with my older computer and all the new bells and whistles (which for the most) I don't use at all, the systems is just not handling it well.

Kevin, I really didn't have too many programs on since I don't use much and don't have any of the social media carp.
Lots of birds and butterflies. Also ants, wasps, bees, hornets and not insects; but scorpions, spiders, tarantulas, etc. Nearly everything in Arizona is sharp, or bites, or stings, or all of the above. For planting, a small grass lawn area for me and the cats and a vegetable garden. Have thought about some kind of birdbath, fountain, etc.; but has to be self-contained since water is scare and expensive even if not to South Africa lows yet.
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Old 09-14-2018, 05:37 AM
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That sucks that it would not access the backup. I backup everyday and have been able to bring my W7 system back to where it was before some catastrophic failures occured, like the hard drive going TU.

Have you ever taken a blacklight out at night to see those scorpions glowing? I have seen that phenomenom on some nature shows and think it would be neat to see. But then again if it reveals a whole bunch of them critters scurrying around it would make for some long nights.

Way back in the early 1960's I visited some relatives in Medicine Park, Oklahoma. The bed legs were all in some cans. I asked why and was told they were like that so the scorpions would not crawl into bed with you. Good night, sleep tight.
AC000101 EAMUS CATULI! Audere est Facere
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Old 09-14-2018, 07:50 AM
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Doug - I use a "blacklight" (UV) to find scorpions - it is great fun.

I do not know if this applies to American scorpions but in Africa the larger the scorpion, the more harmless it is in terms of its sting effect. The opposite applies as well - we have some very tiny tiny scorpions and they are really bad if you get zapped.

Here's one the other day - clearly it has a new friend! Was let go to wander off back where it came from......
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The SD40 is 52 now!
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Old 09-14-2018, 11:30 AM
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That's interesting Win10 decided to do an unexpected update on me a week ago too and left the PC unusable. Couldn't log on or anything. Like yourself I had to resort to reloading the O/S and repartition the drive. An hour for the reload and 3 hours for subsequent updates. All in all a day wasted.

Best regards

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Old 09-14-2018, 02:10 PM
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Wayne -

I feel bad for you about all the update tsimmis. I try to keep all my files backed up every couple of days and am resigned to losing the programs one of these days.

Reading about your new home environment makes me think that Carlisle PA is a really benign (if much less interesting and exciting) place to live. This old infantryman and East Asia hand is now content to live in this placid place and experience vicariously such interesting places as Arizona, South Africa, and other wonderlands through your posts and those of Kevin and others.

Very good wishes for getting settled in, getting the computer sorted, keeping the cats happy (do they have anything to fear from poisonous insects, snakes, predatory dogs, coyotes, and the like?), and making your garden grow.


Re: Cats. We lost our beloved Tora-chan (last of a series of five Boose cats) last March, but every spring-through-fall have a pair of catbirds that cheer up the back garden.
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Old 09-14-2018, 08:42 PM
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Location: Miami, AZ
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Thanks for the comments on the computer. I didn't loose any data or very little. Just the hassle of reloading W10 which means you loose you programs and favorites.

Another wasted day from a house viewpoint. My little Purr Kat was limping really bad yesterday with her lf ft leg swollen. So had to take her to a vet after I finally deal with my lack of cell signals and located one that could see her today, a 45 minute drive. It was an abscess that the vet said looked like maybe a cat bite so think China Whitecat got a little carried away with harassing her. Got some antibiotics to give her for the next 2 weeks plus trying to keep a cone on her head so she won't lick the wound. So day gone and unexpected hit on the credit card.

Don, sorry to hear about Tora-chan. Before I start letting them outside plan on building a fenced area for them. I guess other then hot, the critters are the trade off for not having hurricanes, ice storms, tornados, earthquakes, etc.

SCEtoAux (Doug) I grew up on a farm outside Pauls Valley about 50 miles due east of Medicine Park. We used to go to the Mount Scott Festivals all the time. We didn't have as many, but you learned to shake you shoes before putting them on.
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