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Old 06-16-2019, 09:04 PM
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IP = Institute Polytechnic

IP = Idiot proof

IP = Iraqi Police

IP = Intestinal Permeability

Originally Posted by Butelczynski View Post
I asked around how to do it and in the process I was contacted by someone claiming to work for EA Games (owner of the BF1942) warning me from publishing any method for doing just that. So I stopped. EA are a@#$# of major caliber judging by their actions for last few years.
While I agree, there has been a lot of bad press surrounding EA Games actions related to technical support and paid subscriptions in the last few years...
lets be fair.

EA Games hires hundreds of employees, pays them substantial salaries, invests years and millions of dollars in producing games that will hopefully make them millions of dollars in return.
Its a business, and they have every right to protect their own material and property.
They are only protecting their own investment.

I can never understand when people call these big companies out for doing that?

Next time you wish to "hack" into a game,
and "borrow" someone else's designs
and use them in your own personal and private project...
just do it.
Do it quietly, and keep it to yourself.
And make sure you don't try to profit from someone else's intellectual property.
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Originally Posted by tomasparks View Post
How would you have written the Original Posting?
The thing to do is write as though you are writing to people who can't read your mind anywhere near as well as you do.
So, that means something along the lines of,
I posted on twitter about my idea to model a three-dimensional diorama using characters and settings from a videogame. I was also wondering about the intellectual property rights situation and how that would affect my modeling based on their images.

The IP owner's social media person replied to my post with
do it! We'd love to see it.

As well as that, 6 fans have liked the reply.

How do I deal with this; does the IP owner's social media representative's reply count as official approval to proceed with my project?
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