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Old 04-05-2011, 02:27 PM
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Stan Mott's Cyclops II (design and build)

After several months of careful thought I decided
it was time for me to start this once and for all.

I open this thread to force me to begin this project I have in mind.

The Cyclops automobile is the most popular automobile in history.

This classic car was introduced in 1957, and since then became
an icon of the car industry. It won the 1960 Le Mans 24 Hour Race,
the 1964 East African Safari, and also won the 1965 Targa Florio,
the 1966 Indy 500, and the 1967 German Grand Prix.... just to name a few.

As you can see, a car with lots of history!

It was (and according to official sources, still is) build of old CinZano
signs and its sold at $14.32 US

Official website of the Cyclops, with lots of details and information
can be found here: CYCLOPS Page 1

Additional information (with some magazine scans):
Stan Mott ? Illustrator, Designer, Artist, Friend, and Car Enthusiast Extraordinaire |

Stan Mott driving the winning Cyclops.

For my paper model I will base the design on the official
plans of the Cyclops II provided at the official website:

And will add details based on Stan Mott's illustrations and photos.

I'm still unsure about designing a detailed engine.
The 1V doesn't look much of feat, until one remembers
that it has 151 valves....
Hmm... I'll probably make a simplified version of it.

And, of course, I must add that I asked Mr. Mott for
permission to start designing a paper model of the Cyclops.

And he agreed, as long as it is not sold, or used for commercial
Stan Mott's Cyclops II (design and build)-sm_mail.jpg

After several weeks of making no advances in my learning
of Sketchup, I know I can not attempt to design this by
using a 3-D software. So I'll be designing everything using
old-school techniques. Some Corel, some scratch, some
draws and sketches in the notebook (not in that order)
just as I designed my small simple Fokker.

The scale will probably be 1:6. It depends on the size
of the biggest part. If it fits in a letter-sized paper, then
that will be the scale.

I already thought how to face some parts and possible
problems. But some others are still unsolved in my mind.
We'll see once everything begins.

Since I will use a lot of trial-and-error, scratch, and the like,
I think it is unlikely that I will make digital kit of it.
Most probably this will be just one of a kind.

I only know the main stuff of it will be paper. And I know I will
use it to improve my novice designing skills, and to keep my
hands warm building something.

I will start drawing tonight, and will post all the process here.

Rubén Andrés Martínez A.
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Old 04-05-2011, 08:11 PM
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Started work on the Cyclops.

First, defined scale. It will be 1:8. Meaning the final model will measure:
width: 12,8 cm
length: 16,5 cm (without spare wheel)
height: about 16,35 cm
In case I need to enlarge afterwards, it will be easy.

Then, traced basic lines.

This allows me to know the thickness of some important parts.

To begin, I know I'll need:
  • Paper.
  • Cardstock.
  • Cardboard (1mm, and 2mm).

I will probably start with the laminated floor and the engine compartment. Looks like the best way to start. Then the monocoque body

It looks easy, but it is not. There are small details that are important and can not be disregarded.
Rubén Andrés Martínez A.

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Old 04-05-2011, 11:04 PM
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Great fun - I really enjoyed the Stan Mott site, thanks
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Old 04-09-2011, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by B-Manic View Post
Great fun - I really enjoyed the Stan Mott site, thanks
Sure it's fun!

Slow but steady.

I "developed" the biggest and most important structural parts. Had to make some calculations to get the precise length of the big curve. Since the profile is not a semi-circle, it wasn't easy. It is more like a section of an ellipse.

Anyway, I now have the basic parts to start scratching something. The real work begins now.

Rubén Andrés Martínez A.
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