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Old 07-31-2020, 12:26 PM
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Rickstef, THANK YOU!!
Old 07-31-2020, 05:53 PM
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Thank you very much Rick. People have always coexisted despite different opinions, ideals, and pursuits. Let's not lose what we are all here for - the joys of modelmaking
"The world is big"
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Dead airdave
You sound a little homophobic, You caught me redhanded - english is my second language... and russian is my third.
All Your insults tells me how narrow minded, and how affraid of progress are You.
I think that's all from me.

BTW. In Poland for being homophobic and insulting others You would be banned from forum.
Best regards.
Old 08-01-2020, 12:39 AM
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Just adding my 2 cents without trying to rekindle any arguments...

I build paper models and plastic models. I enhance my paper models with mixed media, sometimes I enhance my plastic models with paper and cardboard.

The 2 most recent paper kits I built were from well known paper model publishers, they are paper models that included templates for parts to be made from wire and plastic, does this mean they are no longer paper models? No.

I entered my Modelik Scud in a plastic model competition, there was no paper category, it went up against some very nice plastic models. Plastic model competitions require you to name the kit manufacturer, I named it "Modelik (paper)" It took out first place in it's category and I received dozens of compliments from seasoned and highly skilled modelers. blown away that the underlying base was a paper model, no matter what was slapped on top (putty, paint, brass, wood, weathering).

I was very humbled and proud of my achievement. I am also constantly in awe of the work I see on these forums by people who do not use putty, paint, weathering etc, those of you who can build a paper kit "out of the box" so to speak. Could I build a kit like that, without enhancing it with putty and paint, without covering it in smudges from glue on my fingers and with perfect joins and seams? I doubt it.

Regardless of how they're built or decorated, they're all paper models. Some of us choose to go further than others when it comes to enhancements but my models would be nothing without that paper model underneath and nobody out there can tell me my paper models aren't paper models.

As for new modelers being intimidated by putty and paint, I can assure you the plastic boys are far more intimidated by what we can do, starting with flat pieces of paper. They can't believe we can do what we do, whether we paint it or not. Some of the one's I've met aren't even aware this hobby even exists.

At the end of the day, I'm a modeler, I'm proud of my models no matter what they're made of.
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Old 08-01-2020, 06:42 AM
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As a new person just getting into making models from paper I feel obligated to comment on this thread. I hope I do not offend anyone and hope that I receive no backlash for my words. I am in the process of completing my first "paper" model and joined this forum for the wealth of knowledge and platform it provides. Since joining this forum I have learned many techniques and tips on how to make paper models. I have enjoyed reading about the builds. I have downloaded a free model and am working my way through the build on my personal journey. I have met people from around the world and an grateful that this forum exists.
As for feeling intimidated at looking at a very fine finished model, I am intimidated by cutting out parts from a card model for fear of wrecking the part and being unable to complete the model in any form.
I am not intimidated by this thread. I am embarrassed by this thread.
I am turned off by this thread based on what was said and how quickly this degraded into insults. When the words "Nazi" "homophobic" "pedantic" ""self aggrandizement" "narrow minded" and "idiot" show up in a forum about building models something is wrong.
I will now go back to cutting out some parts and hopefully finishing my model.
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Old 08-01-2020, 07:13 AM
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I used the word "Nazi" because I was sure I had seen it used in this discussion...I might have been mistaken.
I did see the phrase "Paper Police" and that irritated me. I apologize if I misquoted the use of "Nazi".

Everything else came out of their mouths, not mine.

For those who hate my diatribes...better look away...this is gonna hurt. LOL
For those who want this discussion to go away, avert your eyes...its easy to do, if you don't want to read something.
Rick, sorry, but the comments continue and I won't let it be the last word about me.

Ediacz...since you are claiming that I am the only one throwing out insults....
380 was the first to misinterpret my commentsand then throw out insult and criticise me personally for my views. Refer to Post #12

Up to that point I had only questioned the use of the word "paper" when representing a model that was clearly beyond the basic paper model
and beyond the skills of many modellers, myself included. Post #2

Lets also clarify that I made it quite clear what I thought of the quality and craftmanship of the model
and that I was not singling this model or any one modeller out for criticism.

Maurice then post #5...but (I think) misinterpreting my post as if I was restricting the content of a paper model.

I went along with that discussion, trying to keep it friendly and light. Post #6
I once again clarified what my original post intent was all about...nothing to do with the idea of what constitutes a paper model.

Steve B made a great comment at Post #10 (did you miss that one a380?)
It mirrors the comment Kevin will make at Post #13.

Then, you became antagonistic...I still had said nothing further. Refer to Post #14
I had obviously hurt your feelings, although I don't know why...I have to assume its the English barrier again,
because we are an International Forum and this problem has cropped up many times in the 12 years I have been a member here.

Then again, at Post #18 you criticise the fact that I have a personal opinion as if I am not entitled to one.
You seem to lack an understanding about public forums and public discussion?
It allows for people to have and voice their own, and sometimes differing opinions.

But once again, my opinion doesn't differ from yours as to recognizing what may or may not be included in a paper model build.
You seem to ignore that fact.

I only questioned the use of the word "paper" to describe any model that isn't truly built with nothing but paper (ink and glue not withstanding).
I questioned the idea that not illustrating a model uses more than paper might be intimidating or detrimental to novices.
Being a designer and seller...yes, I have dealt with customers who are scared to try a model because they think its too advanced or beyond their skills.
And I have dealt with modelelrs who have seen what comes out of Europe and they sometimes find it intimidating.
But I am always pushing people to "give it a go"...they might be "pleasantly surprised" at what they can achieve.

But again, you two ( you and a380) have decided to attack me and my opinion for no other reason than ?
Post #22, a380 goes at me again.
And then in Post #24 you start taking jabs.

I still haven't made any insults to anyone at this point.

Post #25 I reiterate my stand and the fact that I have not attacked anyone.
Yes I did state that if you only tolerate your own opinion, it would make you narrow minded and a fool.
We seem to be at that point.
My comment about your english skills were started insulting first, so that puts you on par with a380.
I have to assume from earlier comments, that maybe you are at the mercy of the language barrier again, and you deserve some credit for that.
But its been twisted into an insult about english skills.

Post #26, a380 starts the mudslinging...not me. Now it gets personal.

Post first direct insult...since you two have berated me and not observed my right to have an opinion or take part in a forum discussion.

I present ideas that, while everyone might not agree with, they stir up conversation, discussion and sometimes debate.
This is how we move forward and not stagnate in a sea of "good jobs" and endless redundant compliments.
Ediacz said this exact thing (minus the critcism of me) in Post why argue with me?...

I guess I am supposed to apologize for having an opinion and an idea for discussion?
And apologize for disrupting a thread that didn't really have any other discussion?
I will try to end my participation and move onto other things as others have suggested.
But if you misunderstand my topic of discussion or don't allow me to have an opinion,
and then proceed to insult and berate me,
I will always have something to say.
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Old 08-01-2020, 07:25 AM
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What a way to wake up to.

I am closing this thread now, I did ask to stop the attacks.
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