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Originally Posted by sgoti View Post
Hi, Dave!

The information you need is in this post:
Access to uhu02 models

And the first message in this post:
Message from uhu02 - Zealot Hobby Forum

Google Translate is your friend for translating from Japanese to English (or other language), but not really necessary.

Please don't think we are deliberately being unhelpful- We're not, and I don't think you won't find a more helpful group of individuals on the web. We just want to respect uhu02's wishes regarding his models.

Well done SGOTI, well put and quite right!! Deserves a bump!
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The moon bus build thread seems to be legitimately available.

#027[Moon Bus]????: BLOG@PAPERCRAFT

Things on the Internet can be ephemeral, so you should take a look at this while you can.
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Yep, just started back up, with all he same caveats as before. If you want a UHU model, get it from UHU, also, certain models are now .jpg or .bmp so that does not look to be an issue anymore. Sorry if I sound like a broken record, we all know this already anyways and Thanks "davelant" for posting the update.
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