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Korean Turtle Ship - by How Paper Cafe

Here's another I found; an amazing ship recently featured on the History Channel:

Korean Turtle Ship - by How Paper Cafe
Papermau: Korean Turtle Ship - by How Paper Cafe - Barco de Guerra Antigo

Enjoy and send thanks to the designer...

The DC
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Just downloaded that one.
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Turtle Ship Model Scans

This can be built into a nice looking model.
The attached pictures are from scans, not photos, so their quality is poor, but it gives you an idea of what the final model looks like.
According to internet sources the spikes were concealed by mats to lure the Japanese boarders into leaping on the deck of the Turtle Ship and impaling themselves.
The figurehead is very basic, it was built up from layers of thick card.
There are no plans or good drawings of the original turtle ships and there is a lot of variation in the reconstructions, so you have a certain amount of freedom when you make your own model. Many reconstructions show the anchor sticking out in front where it acted as a ram.
There are a lot of spikes, so have a good pair of tweezers, and a box of tooth picks on hand when it comes time to plant the deck spikes.
The Turtle Ship really stands out next to models of sailing European ships, the design philosophy was completely different.
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Korean Turtle Ship - by How Paper Cafe-turtle-ship-001.jpg   Korean Turtle Ship - by How Paper Cafe-turtle-ship.jpg  
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