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Old 02-21-2021, 12:18 PM
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Thanks for catching my mistake, I meant A3 size paper which is approximately16x20 inches, the next size up from most home scanners which handle legal and letter papers and their Euroworld equivalents.
Prints on Double Elephant or Quadruple Elephant would also be challenging to scan.
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Old 02-22-2021, 05:10 AM
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Originally Posted by airdave View Post
Dane and bkensky...

A. That 'anti piracy" group has existed here for many many years. Its called "the community".
Once people here all agree and start working together, the group will function properly.

*There are already a number of veteran members here who have taken the fight more seriously, contacting websites,
filing takedown reports, and contributing information to the group with regards to the piracy fight, kudos to them.

B. An anti-piracy group was initiated by ecardmodels more than ten years ago,
and ecardmodels has always taken piracy very seriously, doing everything they can to protect their sellers.
*unfortunately many of the related threads here were lost over the years through forum updates.

C. I myself have championed the cause for years...not only fighting to protect my own property,
but I've put in a lot of work protecting the work of others without their knowledge.
Its funny how little credit I've received, but plenty of criticism and insult.
(I'm talking about you zealots and uhu-minions!)

D. I've also posted countless numbers of posts and threads related to this fight, which mostly bore and irritate a lot of people here.
Most just want to build their models and ignore whats happening to designers.
"Its not my worry, so..."

I've received criticisms for things I say in this regard, and very little credit for the efforts I put in trying to file dmca reports and takedown notices.
But I was never looking for credit in that regard.
I remember when I focused on Uhu's models...contacting websites whenever I saw one of his models.
Nobody asked me to do this...I didn't even tell anyone.
But then, when I criticised the Uhu's own methods for battling piracy, I was blackballed by the Uhu-minions.
Some even suggested that I had pirated Uhu's models.
LOL Look where they are now...even Uhu left them! LOL

So my point is, what you are saying isn't new...the things you are suggesting already exist.
if you wish to take up the fight, feel're welcome to call on me if you need help with anything.
But usually, its just a lot of talk and bluster, and nobody really does anything.

and NO...a list of pirate sites is just free advertising for those sites.

If we tell people not to look at something, they will look at it.
And once you look, you will be tempted.

Its best to stop visiting those sites...since visits earn them revenue.
the majority of "pirate" sites are just money-makers.
They earn money from advertising when you visit the site...they don't care about the products they are pushing...thats the bait.
If nobody went there, then they would stop using that bait (paper models).
Hi Dave,
I agree with you and your concerns. Yes, Anti-piracy activities are done since the beginning of time and since digital devices can scan/copy and replicate. Many activist have fought and were misread or forsaken by the ones who either don't care or "bought intellectual well-being from the Black Market". I feel bad to hear how you were misread and ill treated by minions and such, but I personally admire your works and your say against the piracy and theft of intellectual property. Have seen and read your posts in this forum from time-to-time. Well anyone new here will always start this agenda from time-to-time if they plan to sell their models/files online. Only then we start a forum to discuss and the circle goes round and round (Merry Goes round and round)! The watermarking, taking down such pirated files, contacting the pirates, alerting peps for not falling to buy/download from such sites, are done from time-to-time yet many new comers here will again ask the question!

Dave, I guess, its an eternal truth that where their is light, there also exist darkness so does piracy and they coexist side-by-side! Only matters is who prefers what sides in their lives. So let it be, I now focus on my designs and try to share for free but reserve some for PAID to support my projects and always publish them rarely. And for the time we try to fight the Pirates, we would create many more designs or do other productive activities for our projects. I keep my PAID models far from online presence and only provide through emails marking the clients I sold them to. So any leaks happens, guess where they happen to occur! Anyways, As far as I am concerned, Keeping the PAID models rarely available and dumping the FREE ones as leftovers for the pirates to plunder excites me as they ultimately do marketing for my kits and whoever wants a high quality product from me, they just have to contact me and get me PAID in exchange!

I know many will come and give their thoughts and the ones who do, are really giving their time to this forum and keep it growing since decades.

To the moderators, Kudos to you guys for keeping this forum alive and safe for all to enjoy and gain knowledge.

Current Project: Paper-Craft Interest Group
Three Amigo's Papercraft(W.I.P)
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Old 02-22-2021, 09:36 AM
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There was a movie "The Shawshank Redemption". Who don't know I highly recommend you to watch this movie. Main thought of this movie in two words: "pressure and time". Doing this alone is a very difficult task. Do this all together - is quite possible.
My personal site.
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