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The Phoenix Fleets of Man

Name: The Phoenix Fleets of Man

Physical description: Humans, tech-humans, trans-humans.

Aggressiveness level: Defensive, the primary purpose of their forces is to protect their homelands and all humankind from the constantly looming threats from other races and factions, even from Humankind itself. If aggression reaches a high peak, The Phoenix Fleets will return in kind, but only against armed enemies.

Technology level: Technology is of human theory principles. The Fleet military excels at precision fire control, high caliber guns and AI. The fragility of human operators themselves is the sole weak point in their ship design. To deal with this, the Fleet engaged in create better humans, the tech-humans and the trans-humans – in fact cyborgs and mutants.

Race history/back story: When the Hecate War was reaching a draw, the Terran Home Fleet turned its attention to some more Earthly problems. The citizens of Io and Ganymede, where the heavy Space yards were located demanded independence. Earth, faced with several problems in the space it had colonized wasn’t ready to accept secession from a planet in the Home System. The 3rd, 4th and 7th Home Fleets were sent to blockade and “convince” the rebellious that the actual moment wasn’t fit for independence. Afraid of more of that, Earth was ready to show its mighty force.
After five months of blockade and without any compromise, a bomb exploded in the Earth Chancellor palace, killing his wife and younger daughter. Nobody reclaimed the deed. The Admirals of the three fleets were ordered to bomb the planets until utter surrender. When the 3rd Fleet moved into place to bombard the Ganymede Capital, the 4th and 7th fleet attacked it and after destroying all the fleet they began a gigantic exodus with all the ships that could take the 28 millions of Ganymedians and Ioans. For two centuries nobody saw them. Finally they returned. Still claiming their duty as Earthmen, with a very modern and vast fleet. Their goal is to police Earthling deals in the Galaxy. They accept no tyranny, no horror wars and never, ever, the killing of innocents. The Earth Commonwealth is a different government now. Talking is chosen over direct action, so they accepted these new strange allies. There are ships in the sky that claim to be of Man, but that hardly accept orders from Man.
The Phoenix Fleet of Man has a cluster of high industrial and technologic planets. There they are using every knowledge to perfect the human being. But some wonder, are they still human?

Ship Names: As strange as it may be, all the names of the Phoenix Fleet ships are from old Earth. They are chosen by class and they may be names of Earth heroes, mythos, or cities.

Basic Look of Ships: See models below.

Possible Leader Names: Any kind of Earth names.

Two unique units type/name/description

Zenith Class Battle cruiser - A heavy, long-range siege vessel, equipped with a single moderate power proton cannon, but uses a highly directional field generator to accelerate the projectile en route, making its damage potential increase dramatically with range. Though defense and armor is poor.

Polaris Class Special Assault Cruiser - A medium-sized vessel with few conventional armaments, employing a lightweight construction with a high-performance turbine granting the ship with the ability to cruise super luminously for a short duration. In this state the ship attacks the enemy by physically slicing its ceramic matrix composite fins through the enemy ship, or catapulting those fins at extreme speeds towards the enemy. Only a few were constructed.

Note: This race was created by Lex. I will make the game statistics of the ships and Lex will make the models. The fluff and art will be made by us together. Lex will put here the models he is making.
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