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Old 03-04-2012, 06:58 PM
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Thank you both for your openness. I really appreciate all yours comments.

Uyraell... yes, I even asked who that relative be in other thread, and I'm honored that you picked my thread for revealing that.

All right... let's continue cutting paper.
- Gerardo Escobedo Sainz
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Old 03-05-2012, 03:08 AM
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Milenio3 mi amigo, you are most welcome.
I can add to the thread in one other detail, small, but perhaps significant.

General Adolf Galland in fact flew two almost identically marked Bf109 E's during the Battle of Britain in that perilous summer of 1940. One Bf109 E was an series III, as is well known, and most often documented.
The other Bf109E was an IV N series, which lacked the engine-mounted cannon of it's fellow late series III Bf 109 E's. This was because the DB601N engine block had not at that time been sufficiently developed to include the cannon mount. Indeed, a truly effective mount was not to exist until the DB601 Series L engines had been produced, and these of course were one of the "Parent" engines of both the DB603 series and the DB605 series engines.
I have gone into some detail above because General Galland flew a Bf109 E IV N marked as his personal aircraft on early "Schlageter"/"Jabo" raids during the battle of Britain, as well as flying an "ordinary" Bf109 E Series III marked as his personal aircraft in the more usual (and far more documented) fighter versus fighter battles during that same 1940 summer. Thus the General had two "personal aircraft", not one.

The above fact is still, all these years later, reasonably little known.

Kind and Respectful Regards Milenio3 (Gerado) mi amigo, Uyraell.
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