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Old 05-23-2017, 02:37 PM
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VII Modeling Festival "PAPRYKARZ 2017" Szczecin (Poland)

I sincerely invite You to participate in the 7th festival.
7-8 October
More information:
SPM – Modelarstwo
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Old 05-30-2017, 02:20 PM
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Programme of the Modellers’ Festival “Paprykarz 2017”
Szczecin, Poland

07.10.2017 SATURDAY
8:00-12:30 Submission of the models for competition, arranging SIG-s displays and traders’ booths.
13:00 Opening ceremony.
13:30-18:00 Visiting the scale models exhibition, tradres, kits swap, military reconstruction groups, ROSOMAK APC with the squad, wargaming area, model trains area, a city tour for the participating modellers, other attractions.
13:30 Meeting of the judges before models’ evaluation.
14:00-18:00 Evaluation of the models submitted for competitions.
17:00-19:00 concert of a music band from 5th Engineering Regiment, Other events.
19:00 Modellers’ integration meeting in one of the pubs in the city.

08.10.2017 SUNDAY
9:00 Scale models exhibition opens for the modellers
10:00 exhibition opens for the public.
10:00-14:00 Visiting the scale models exhibition, tradres, SIG-s, ROSOMAK APC with the squad, modelling workshop for kids, other attractions.
13:00 Awards ceremony
14:00 Festival closing, return of the models.

1. The Organiser of the V-th Modellers’ Festival “Paprykarz 2017” in Szczecin is
Western Pomeranian Regional Agency - The Society of Children’ Friends in Szczecin
(Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Dzieci - Zachodniopomorski Oddział Regionalny w Szczecinie).
· IPMS Poland
· Technic and Science Museum in Szczecin (Muzeum Techniki i Komunikacji w Szczecinie)
· Szczecin Informal Modellers’ Group - “SZCZECIŃSKI PAPRYKARZ MODELARSKI”
The festival will be held on 07 - 08.10.2017,
in the Technic and Science Museum in Szczecin,
(Muzeum Techniki i Komunikacji w Szczecinie),
address: ul. Niemierzyńska 18A, Szczecin, Poland,
www: The Museum of Technology and Transport in Szczecin
- Promotion of Western-Pomeranian Province and the City of Szczecin;
- Promotion of modelling amongst the youth;
- Promotion of interest in history;
- Development of spatial imagination and manual abilities;
- Exchange of experience among the modellers and integration of modellers from various Polish regions and from abroad.
4. The festival is open to all the willing participants. The following modellers and organisations can participate in the competition: individuals and associates, clubs, sig-s, etc.
Number of models to be submitted and age of participants is not limited.
The following main competition categories shall be exhibited during the festival:
- plastic models;
- paper models (without division into upgraded and OOTB models);
- FREESTYLE models.
Note: The FREESTYLE means the models custom made from any materials, of any real objects, machines, devices, means of transport, etc.
6. During the festival, apart from the general competition, the following thematic competition will also take place:
- Thematic competition for plastic models – "Siberian Winter" any scale (see the separate rules and regulations for thematic competition);
- Thematic competition for paper models – "Winter War and Eastern Front” (see the separate rules and regulations for thematic competition).
7. Classification of the participants according to their age:
- below 18 years old - junior (J),
- 18 years old and older - senior (S).
8. The models made of paper, plastic and any other materials can be submitted to the competition. The submitted model must be made exclusively by a modeller. If any doubt occurs about the authorship of the submitted model, the organisers reserve the rights to clarify that issue with the modeller and to take decision about possible exclusion of the model from competition.
9. The models rewarded in previous PAPRYKARZ competitions cannot be submitted
to the competitions again. However, these models can be exhibited separately, together
with the models displayed by the organisers, but they will not be evaluated and prised except for the Visitors’ prize.
10. Every participant can submit any number of models. However, only one best model made by the participant and submitted in a given class will be chosen and judged. Any class will be evaluated if at least three different participants submit their models in this class. If less than 3 models are submitted in a class, the organisers reserve the right to combine classes or transferring the models to any larger classes/categories in which only a few models have been submitted or to taking decision about cancellation of a given class.
By submission of the model at the festival the participant agrees to terms and conditions of theses rules and regulations of PAPRYKARZ 2016 festival.
11. The judges can move the models incorrectly classified by submitting modellers to the correct class.
The decisions taken by he judges are final and shall not be subject to complaints.
12. The models submitted to general competition shall be evaluated by the judging commissions appointed by the FESTIVAL organisers. Evaluation of the models submitted to the competition shall be made following “like / dislike” formula. The models will be evaluated for aesthetics, difficulty and correctness of manufacture.
The models submitted to thematic competition shall be evaluated according to separate rules and regulations.
(KS1) prop aircraft, single engine - (junior/senior)
(KS2) prop aircraft, multi engine - (junior/senior)
(KS3) jets and gliders - (junior/senior)
(KH) Helicopters - (junior/senior)
(KO1) Ships and vessels - (junior/senior)
(KO2) Submarines (junior/senior)
(KO3) Civil vessels and river fleet – (junior/senior)
(KZ) Sailing vessels - (junior/senior)
(KPK) Wheeled military vehicles - (junior/senior)
(KPG) Tracked military vehicles - (junior/senior)
(KPC) Civil vehicles - (junior/senior)
(KB) Buildings - (junior/senior)
(KPsz) Railroad vehicles - (junior/senior)
(KPKiF) Cosmos and sci-fi vehicles - (junior/senior)
(KD) Dioramas - (junior/senior)
(KF) Figurines - (junior/senior)
(WTF) Everything else to surprise us nicely (Others) (junior/senior)
(Pkk) Model collections – (min. 3 thematically related models)
(PS0m) Aircrafts to 1921, 1/72 scale (combined class)
(PS0d) Aircrafts to 1921, 1/48 scale (combined class)
(PS1m) Military aircrafts and helicopters, 1/72 scale (junior/senior)
(PS1s) Military aircrafts and helicopters, 1/48 scale (junior/senior)
(PS1d) Military aircrafts and helicopters, 1/32 and 1/24 scales (junior/senior)
(PS2m) Military jet aircrafts, 1/72 scale (junior/senior)
(PS2s) Military jet aircrafts, 1/48 scale (junior/senior)
(PS2d) Military jet aircrafts, 1/32 and 1/24 scales (junior/senior)
(PSM) Helicopters, all scales (junior/senior)
(PSC) Civil aircrafts, all scales - combined category
(PG1) Military tracked vehicles, 1/72 scale (junior/senior);
(PG2) Military tracked vehicles, 1/35 and 1/48 scales (junior/senior);
(PK1) Military wheeled vehicles, 1/72 scale (junior/senior);
(PK2) Military wheeled vehicles, 1/35 and 1/48 scales (junior/senior);
(PA) Artillery and military equipment without engine, all scales - combined category;
(PSamO) Civil personal cars - combined category;
(PSamC) Civil cargo vehicles, trucks and technical support vehicles - combined category;
(PM) Motorcycles - combined category;
(PD) Dioramas (kid/junior/senior);
(PSTm) Ships and vessels ≤1/350 scale - combined category;
(PSTd) Ships and vessels ≥ 1/351 scale - combined category;
(PSz) Railroad models - combined category;
(PMin) Other models - combined category;
(F) Figurines - combined category;
(P) Busts - combined category.
(FR) Combined class, no division into scales
14. Documentation requirements:
- FREESTYLE class – simplified documentation is required – such as plan(-s), drawing(-s) or picture(-s) showing the original subject the model has been based on;
- other classes - documentation is not required.
15. The competition participants will be charged with a start fee in amount of 5 PLN (1,20 €) for the first model and 2 PLN (0,50 €) for each next model per person, to be paid to TPD as donation to support their statutory activities. Juniors do not have to pay the start fee neither do the modellers and the models not submitted to the competition (they can only be submitted to the exhibition not subject to evaluation).
16. The organisers cannot submit the models for competition but they can submit the models for the exhibition only. The judges cannot submit the models for competition only in classes/categories to be evaluated by them.
17. In each class/category from 1 to max. 5 equivalent prizes will be awarded, depending on a number of models submitted in a class and a level of their manufacture. The prize shall comprise of a medal and diploma, plus possibly a material prize.
18. Each junior, irrespectively of awarded prize - if any, shall be given a diploma of participation in the Festival.
19. Special prizes shall be awarded.
20. The Organisers will not send the prizes to the participants who, for any reasons, do not attend the awarding ceremony.
21. The Organisers do not provide lodging nor accommodation, but they may propose the best in their opinion accommodation places for modellers’ who seek for assistance in this respect.
22. The Organisers do not provide insurance of the models and Participants.
23. The Organisers do not provide boarding.
24. The participants shall come to the Festival at their own costs and expenses.
25. The Organisers reserve the exclusive rights to interpret provisions of the rules and regulations. This interpretation is final and shall not be contested.
Any questions regarding the competition can be asked to:
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