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Old 10-22-2017, 05:22 PM
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On the instructions from UHU02, he switches over to the Reaction Control System (RCS) which is part 333, which is significantly out of numerical part number sequence. I will not install them until close to the end of the build, but since UHU02 made them at this point, I will do the same.

There are 4 parts 333a, and 8 parts of each 333b and 333c, for a total of 20 parts. Parts 333b and 333c are virtually the same, except the attachment points are a bit different since 333b installs at an angle and 333c installs perpendicular.

Since the RCS is a key feature on the exterior of the LEM I wanted to give them realistic finishes. 333a is basically a box with some extra angled sides. The side profile makes it clear how to fold it. To open up the holes for mounting the nozzles I used a burred reamer. After building the parts I used flat black gift wrapping paper, Graft Metallic Foil gift wrapping paper, kapton tape, and aluminum tape to give the realistic finishes.

333b and 333c are simple cone shapes so pretty straight forward. I formed them using the pointy end of a mechanical pencil. Note that this sheet has gray printed on the backside per UHU02's instructions, so the inside of the nozzle is gray. However, I wanted to give them a more real metal look. I tried making the nozzles out of copper foil, but they looked too shiny and unrealistic. My solution was to line the inside of the paper nozzles with copper foil. I think they look more realistic than using the copper foil without the paper exterior.

All the work on this model thus far has been for the ascent stage. It is essentially complete except the exterior shell and a few minor components like the handrail which will be installed toward to the end of the build.

Now...on to the descent stage.

I did not count the skins or copper foil as additional parts.

Part count to date: 449
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Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170615_005540644_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170709_224610658_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170710_004129987_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170710_004200648_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170603_005549830_ios.jpg  

Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170604_184742743_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170710_010901717_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171021_004446699_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171021_004542481_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171021_004615918_ios.jpg  

Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171021_010818037_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171022_222556001_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171022_222617054_ios.jpg  

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Old 10-22-2017, 05:52 PM
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Old 10-22-2017, 09:29 PM
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Very nice, precise, and clean!
I consider it an extremely dangerous doctrine, because the more likely we are to assume that the solution comes from the outside, the less likely we are to solve our problems ourselves. Carl Sagan
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Old 10-23-2017, 02:51 AM
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Excellent work!
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Old 11-01-2017, 08:37 PM
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Part 233 is the center box of the descent stage, and 234 through 237 form the inner surfaces of the 4 quadrants. They are pasted together as shown in the images. They will be built up further as the build continues.

Parts 238a through 238c form the mounting fixture for the descent engine. 238a is folded in half, but not all of the part is 2-sided printing, so I cut out the parts before gluing the 2 sides together. Part 238b is actually 4 identical parts folded in half for 2-sided printing. I will do the final cutting of them when mounting the descent engine. Part 238c is the last side of the box forming the mounting fixture.

239a and 239b form a combustion chamber which is a simple cylinder that attaches to the mounting fixture. The seam of the combustion chamber is positioned so that it is hidden by the valve assembly.

Parts 240a and 240b form the valve assembly. 240a is a basic box with a 2-sided flap on the top and is attached to the mounting fixture. It also has tubes out of the bottom that are curved and attach to the bottom of the mounting fixture. 240b is a partial box that sits on the mounting fixture.

Part count to date: 464
Attached Thumbnails
Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170606_004407466_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170607_010414740_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170607_234234591_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170608_001837269_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170608_001205815_ios.jpg  

Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170608_002620122_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170607_234943197_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20170607_235945976_ios.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171101_231725421_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171101_232708758_ios-min.jpg  

Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171101_233248084_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171102_000042740_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171102_001613827_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171102_001632577_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171102_002350511_ios-min.jpg  

Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171102_002400854_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171102_002421874_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171102_002746020_ios-min.jpg  
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Old 11-05-2017, 08:37 AM
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Really nice work Wichita, outstanding job on the RCS, I never get mine to look that good. I am jealous!
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Old 11-26-2017, 06:53 PM
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Parts 241 through 245 form the descent engine bell.

Parts 241a through 241d are the inner surface of the bell and are basic stacked cone shape with part 241a as the inner cap. I used plain paper tabs to help with the alignment.

Parts 242a through 242c are the outer surface of the bell and are basic stacked cone shape with no cap. I used plain paper tabs to help with the alignment. The shading did not turn out so great on my printer. I may decide to paint the outer surface later.

Part 243 and 244 form a basic tube and cap that attach the bell to the rest of the engine. Part 243 is folded in half for two sided printing.

Part 245 is a cone shape that forms the outer surface at the top of the bell.

On the lower portion of the bell, the outer surface circumference is a bit larger than the inner surface circumference. To compensate, I glued 4 layers of paper strips around the lip between the two surfaces. It adds thickness to the lip and makes it look more realistic in my opinion. I used a black sharpie to color the strips to help them to blend in.

Part 245 was designed to have the lip partially folded in which forms a seam on the bell.

Once the bell was assembled, I fitted it into the combustion chamber assembly. It is not glued into place but simply slips on and stays in place by friction.

Part count to date: 474
Attached Thumbnails
Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171126_182945318_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171126_191939626_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171126_211727107_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171126_211802673_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171126_212452434_ios-min.jpg  

Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171126_213221035_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171126_213259577_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171126_213323330_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171126_235742861_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171126_235803379_ios-min.jpg  

Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171126_235824032_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171127_000127604_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171127_000159833_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171127_000216382_ios-min.jpg  
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Old 11-26-2017, 07:52 PM
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I decided to paint the outer surface of the descent engine bell using Tamiya Gun Metal acrylic. Maybe a bit too shiny, but am pleased with the color. Much better than what was printed using the laser printer.
Attached Thumbnails
Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171127_013827291_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171127_013843539_ios-min.jpg   Apollo 13 LM-7 Aquarius-20171127_013921874_ios-min.jpg  
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