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Old 08-05-2018, 08:22 PM
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Good (or meh) news, everyone! I finally tracked down the source of the VW Beetle model I used, thanks to the WayBack Machine and an old paper model list.

As I suspected, the original version was cyan and was created by a VW enthusiast who also posted stuff about fixing and maintaining the real car. I'm guessing his last name is Nao and first name starts with U - 'he' since it's unlikely to be a Japanese woman, no sexism intended.

Other than the credits, nothing else in the file has changed.

Originally Posted by lfuente View Post
I honestly tried to find the original source of this VW Beetle for proper attribution, but even the previous recolorers admit ignorance (help anyone?).

For the record it has appeared in cyan, Emma Swan yellow, Inspector Gadget red white and blue, Brazilian Police black and white, Kansas University Ecohawk red yellow and blue, green and black, and the ever popular #53 racer Herbie in white. I just picked the cleanest, highest resolution image and went from there.

Maybe it's the cop car hangover from the Eureka Jeep, but here are 4 liveries for Philippine Police VW Beetles for these cities: Marikina and Las Pinas in white, Pasay City in red then Quezon City in black, only the last has no roof light. I've supplied period correct 1965-1967 'towel rail' bumpers and government license plates. The red version has real plates while the others have plausible ones, as determined from period photos.

As usual, these will be available pending moderator approval.
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Old 10-03-2018, 12:56 PM
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I've been distracted for the past few days as something was bothering me about the Knight Bus. I thought it'd be nice to have the characters accompany the bus in a diorama, and thought I'd seen 2D paper flats somewhere. I finally turned up some, but only Death Eaters at this webpage:

There's a link that should lead to a file with the main characters, but it's broken. Since I'm not a member can a Deviantart member reading this contact the author and ask him about it? He's commented that he'd like to see his files used, and this is as good a reason as any.

And take time to browse his site, there's plenty of useful figures in 1:72 scale.
Alright. I got ahold of him for you; He said it's fine, so long as he gets credits and would appreciate a link to the finished product.
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Old 10-07-2018, 08:20 PM
lfuente lfuente is offline
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That's great, thanks a lot!

Could you PM me his email address, or maybe pass on my thanks? The KnightBus file is in our downloads section, in the vehicles subsection. He's more than welcome to download it, or I can email it to him directly.

And if you use the same ID on Deviantart, you do great stuff too!
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