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Old 10-06-2014, 08:05 AM
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Wink Containership - Conti Belgica .

Has anyone built this ship ? This fine model , in 1/250 scale has to be the most fun I've had with a paper ship model . Although the model has a 1989 date on the kit , I wonder if it is still offered by WILEMSHAVEN . For it's scale the detail is amazing .And you could order extra containers for her too ! I am going to try to get one more from someplace, before I start this one I have . I have built three of them for customers who were knocked off their feet by the detail on a " Paper " ship . I did, however get photo-etched rails ,stairs and ladders for her .
My experience with these , pointed out the ability to create MUSEUM grade ship models with the least amount of expense as compared to plastic or other media .I have one . A Chris-Craft 30' day -cabin Picnic Boat that is built out of paper . It is R.C. operated and so far has remained light , easy to handle, and strong . She's about 26" long .
I made her patterns by using contour gauges and calipers and doing take-offs from a small plastic model about forty five years old . The paper is photo paper coated with resin after assembly .She has plenty of frames and flooring to support the running gear .
See, even the CONTI-BELGICA could be done this way and you would be the envy of everyone at the pond ! Just a thought .

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Dear papersurprise50:
On the bucket list for many years is the RC Boat thing, have not done it yet due to cost. Paper models I can do I assume the you used epoxy resin for the coating can you show photos of the chris craft build and a how to modify for RC control?
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Old 10-07-2014, 07:23 AM
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Cool Conti-Belgica

The Conti can be enlarged the same way . I wish I had all those pictures , But , alas I don't even have a waterstained copy .The photos were lost years ago after so many moves around the country . You can however take contours and angles off any model you want .You'll find working in paper is actually easier .The paper I used on the boat was Heavy Photo paper .The kind they use for posters and signs .
The frames are the lightweight White board used for flyers and such as you would find in a Museum by the desk .
The resin was a 3-M product that was available back then . I now get mine from Micromark . Note : If you try this , be reminded . When you get the hull assembled Put doublers in the bow and stern areas . This prevents breakouts and damage .You can even double up on the material before building . It'll be stiffer but it will work . A fine model of a Riva or any other kind of speed-boat can be done this way ,without the resin too . Just don't get it wet !
You would use a normal " Full Hull ' Assembly process and just make sure your frames have " T " angles at the edges when you cut them away for the equipment areas. It's like making an ice cube tray insert out of paper .Then set it in the space you've created in the frames and attach it to the bottom and sides with strips bent at an angle .

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