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Old 06-29-2016, 04:03 AM
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another 17th century Dutch workhorse

After the disappointment I experienced with my 160 feet VOC vessel (see, I decided to finish a small ship, called a `smalschip`in Dutch. It was a freighter, used to load and unload bigger ships on the Roadstead of the isles of Texel and Terschelling to transport their cargo to and from Amsterdam. Big ships could only reach Amsterdam after a sometimes several weeks lasting journey across the shallows of the Zuiderzee (an inlet of the North Sea, today closed off by a dyke and called IJsselmeer). This fact was a source of income for a large numbers of `smalschip` skippers.

The source was another drawing by Nicolaes Witsen (1641-1717), the writing lord-mayor of Amsterdam and some paintings, amongst others the one by Lieve Verschuier I used for my fluit reconstruction.

another 17th century Dutch workhorse-scan.jpg another 17th century Dutch workhorse-smalschip.jpg

The build of the model started as a test, to see wether the technique I tested for bigger ships (`borrowed` from our East-European friends) was also applicable for smaller models. It worked.

another 17th century Dutch workhorse-dsc01643.jpg another 17th century Dutch workhorse-dsc01640.jpg

Building was straight forward, but as I am an absent-minded man I forgot to spray the white plastic strips I use for planking with a primer, which caused the paint to wear off a little during handling the model.

another 17th century Dutch workhorse-dsc01830.jpg another 17th century Dutch workhorse-schermafbeelding-2016-06-17-om-08.57.05.jpg another 17th century Dutch workhorse-dsc01835.jpg another 17th century Dutch workhorse-schermafbeelding-2016-06-17-om-08.56.49.jpg another 17th century Dutch workhorse-schermafbeelding-2016-06-17-om-08.56.35.jpg another 17th century Dutch workhorse-dsc01840.jpg

The model is not flawless anyway, but I like the atmosphere it shows. These vessels were no pleasure yachts. They were workhorses, built as cheap as possible, sailed by two or three men, mistreated, battered and bruised. And still they showed some modest decorations at the stern.
I promise I will show better pictures once my son has some spare time left.

another 17th century Dutch workhorse-dsc01849.jpg another 17th century Dutch workhorse-dsc01848.jpg another 17th century Dutch workhorse-schermafbeelding-2016-06-29-om-09.16.15.jpg another 17th century Dutch workhorse-dsc01851.jpg another 17th century Dutch workhorse-dsc01850.jpg

One day I will build a `wijdschip` (literally a wide ship), which had almost the same dimensions, but was just so much wider that it could not make the inland north-south passage through Holland, because of the lock at the city of Gouda. Therefore it had to take the route `outside the dunes`, which caused it to carry another rig.

Perhaps more of that another time.
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Old 06-29-2016, 05:26 AM
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Another beautiful ship. Your threads are always wonderful lessons in maritime history, model building, and art.

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Old 06-29-2016, 05:34 AM
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Wonderful build and write-up!!
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Old 06-29-2016, 08:18 AM
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first, I'm not sure what the exact terms should be - that boom control winch/windlass built in to aft wall of deck cabin is a really interesting feature.
Screw the rivets, I'm building for atmosphere, not detail.
later, F Scott W
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Old 06-29-2016, 08:29 AM
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That is a nice looking small ship model. Looks like a real workhorse.
AC000101 EAMUS CATULI! Audere est Facere
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Old 06-29-2016, 09:08 AM
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Don't know if a workhorse ship could be called lovely but, in her own way, she is, at least to my eyes.
This is a great hobby for the retiree - interesting, time-consuming, rewarding - and about as inexpensive a hobby as you can find.
Shamelessly stolen from a post by rockpaperscissor

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Old 06-29-2016, 09:28 AM
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Outstanding work Ab, congratulations !!!

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Old 06-29-2016, 10:17 AM
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Thanks for another interesting thread about the The Netherlands maritime history. As someone from Limburg living here the past 30 odd years, I'm really enjoying these threads and your beautiful ship models.

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Old 06-29-2016, 10:20 AM
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Hello Ab,
It is another lovely presentation.
You seem to have the ability to create one of these, rigging and all, in only a few days.
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Old 06-30-2016, 01:43 AM
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Well, thank you all for your (undeserved) praise.

Indeed I have the privilege to be able to work on my models all day and every day (as long as my wife does not protest), so I can build relatively fast. Dutch shipbuilding has been my focus for the last 35 years and I am happy to say that nowadays plans of Dutch ships are much better available than in the days that I started. Dutch shipbuilders never bothered to make drawings to build their ships, so everything you can find nowadays are reconstructions. Some are better than others. I like to make my own designs instead of making another `Halve Maan`, `Prins Willem` or `Wasa`.

In my opinion the average pinasses, fluits and other daily ship types are much more interesting than the few 'top-models' you can buy in kit stores.
Paper is an ideal material to try out designs and experiments, as it takes much less time than wood.
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