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Old 12-07-2016, 07:56 AM
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I posted this on the other thread, but may as well post it here too

Looks like Billy is still very busy with work. Which is good!

I guess at some point all of us have also left aside the hobby for a while
because of work, study, health, family issues or many other things that can happen.

And that's why surely most of us understand the lack of updates to the POTW
which is a traditional part of this forum.

I am also one of the many that expect eagerly the weekly recognition,
because it showcases the talent of the great builders we have here in our dear forum;
and sometimes makes me aware of models I hadn't seen before or that are not
in my main line of interest. I guess most of us have discovered quite nice kits
and learned techniques from what's have been shown here in the POTW threads

The same as many of you, I hadn't expected this photo of my DC-3 to be showcased for so long.
And the same as you, I also miss the weekly updates. Unlike other (paper/plastic/other media)
modelling sites/forums that have just a monthly recognition of a model (or don't even have one)
the POTW thread shows how prolific and talented the paper community here is

This is the first time something similar happens since I can remember. When The POTW thread
was delayed it wasn't for more than two weeks. But this has taken more, and the unease in some
members is perfectly understandable.

To avoid falling into unhappy thoughts, we could work together proactively.

I have a suggestion to everyone reading this, and I mean: "everyone reading this,
and who have been following the many building threads" (I have not been able to follow much
lately because of study).

When Billy comes back he will have a lot to read and to edit, and to update.
Which will also use a lot of his own time.

I wonder if we can help him in his voluntary labor by suggesting threads for him to see.
So that he doesn't have to spend much December time (which is usually scarce in most parts of the world).

I guess in this way we can help Billy to fulfill his role as POTW editor, which he has been
performed greatly since he assumed the role. And his decisions have been mostly considered fair and accurate.
And in that way we can also participate actively to keep building this already great paper community

I believe many of you have some ideas or can point us towards the undoubtedly fine builds that have
appeared recently in this forum.

A few days ago SpaceAgent already suggested a Sci-Fi build. Maybe we can expand a list of suggestions?

To avoid a huge clutter of suggestions, and remain in the spirit of the POTW being awarded to a kit
finished in or around that week, it should remain like that.

POTW for week #41 was awarded on October 16.

POTW for week #42 should include threads of models finished by October 23 or the days before.

And so on... the list to consider should be:

POTW for week #42: October 23
POTW for week #43: October 30
POTW for week #44: November 6
POTW for week #45: November 13
POTW for week #46: November 20
POTW for week #47: November 27
POTW for week #48: December 4
POTW for week #49: December 11

And remember that usually the last weeks of December (or was it the first weeks of January?)
the POTW recognition is not awarded to make time for people to vote for Picture of the Year.

Even if each person who has commented here spends 5 or 10 minutes checking a thread and suggests
just only one build thread for the past weeks,
in a couple of days we will have a good list of kits to admire, and Billy will have plenty to choose from
when he comes back to "hobby life".

Is just an idea I propose, I may be right, or I may be wrong.
But the greatest thing of this forum is that the members here can talk freely and debate without fear,
so that we all can keep walking together enjoying this wonderful hobby and this wonderful forum.

Kind regards,
Rubén Andrés Martínez A.

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