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NigeriaSAT-X Satellite 1:25

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NigeriaSAT-X Satellite 1:25

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  • Author sreinmann
  • Uploaded 01-20-2017, 09:32 PM
  • Last Updated 01-20-2017, 09:32 PM
  • Category Unmanned
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  • NigeriaSAT-X Kids.pdf 767.1 KB
  • NigeriaSAT-X Model.pdf 902.2 KB

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The NigeriaSAT-X (NX) mission was launched in 2011 for a 7.5 year mission to contribute to and augment the Disaster Management Constellation, as well as support development, mapping, and security services to the Nigerian Space Agency NASRDA. It was contracted from Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd based on their SSTL-100 bus. Nigerian engineers and scientists built NX and was responsible for the entire life-cycle of the satellite through delivery.

This is my paper model of the NigeriaSAT-X satellite in both 1:25th and 1:15th scale. The model download includes a mission page, instructions, parts for both scales and a display base. The kids model includes a the same 1:15th scale model a display base and photos of the NASRDA engineers but without the detailed parts. I hope you enjoy your build.
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