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Rebel Venator class Star Destroyer

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Rebel Venator class Star Destroyer

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By the end of the Clone Wars, it had become the most popular capital ship of the Republic, although shortly after the formation of the New Order, it was eclipsed by designs inspired by the Victory-class. Despite this, Venators were used to great effect in the early years of the Empire. In the Empire, these ships were stripped of the colorful markings of the Republic models. At least two Venators were involved in pursuing the L-4000 smuggler ship Uhumele alongside a contingent of fighter squadrons.

</FIGCAPTION></FIGURE>Eventually, more robust vessels such as the Imperator- and Tector-class became favored, and the Venator and its variants were phased out. This was partially due to its over-reliance on starfighters, as it went against the prevailing Tarkin Doctrine and due to its prominent position in the Republic Navy, which the Empire attempted to distance itself from.
This led to even more fringe groups obtaining Venators, as well as several Imperial Moffs, who used them in their private defense fleets, and for their various militias. The Mandalorian Supreme Strategist commanded a Venator Star Destroyer during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. It was destroyed during an engagement above Mandalore with a Zahn Consortium fleet.
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