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Old 04-23-2019, 12:54 PM
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Jouets Ellen - convertible car

This is a build thread of the Jouets Ellen convertible car.

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-01.jpg


From information on the cover of this kit, it was produced in Montpellier (France)
by the Société d'Exploitation des Jouets Louis Neumann ["LN" - "Ellen"]
and the cover states that this is "Série A, Modčle No. 2". One could think therefore
that there was a No. 1 before, but so far no references to it, or any more details
on Jouets Ellen have surfaced on the web.

There is no copyright notice or printing information anywhere on the kit,
but it is generally listed by most internet sites as "1950".

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-03.jpg

The only thing resembling a date that can be found on the kit is this small inscription
on the firewall, besides the battery, which apparently reads "11.11.45". However, it is
a mistery what it refers to, as it is not a historically important date in the world.
And if it was relevant to the designer of the kit, the meaning has been lost to time now.

The kit is comprised of 6 sheets printed on both sides, held together by a couple of metal staples.

From photos available on the web, it can be ineferred the original cardstock is thick,
heavy and fibrous. Probably 0.3 - 0.35 mm thick.

Size of each sheet is 35X45 cm (13 3/4" x 17 3/4" inches), which is a rather unusual
size and does not follow current paper standards.

Instructions, as is to be expected, are in French.


Once built, the model dimensions are 40X13X15 cm (15X5X6 inches approx.)


The original kit was scanned and uploaded by Patricia to her Agence Eureka blog.
The link to Patricia's site is this:

And the same files can be accessed in her Flickr album here:
where they're available in different resolutions.

The digital files are of very good quality considering the source material.
I think she used a small A4 scanner to digitize the big sheets.
Besides scanning and stitching together the big pages, she doesn't seem to have
altered the graphics or corrected the colors in any way.

This current build was based off Patricia's scans.


In any case, more than 60 years have passed after its production.

For a worthy discussion on vintage/classic paper models we had some years ago,
please follow this link here: Restored vintage decoupages

And also read Uyraell's comments on "Vintage Paper Models: Definition", which was the origin
for the Vintage Models subforum.

Uryaell's thread is a sticky here:


I have not seen this kit being built here on Papermodelers.
But there is a build thread at by user Suncat:
He built two of it: one "out of the book", and another where he included more details.
He also pointed out the model closely resembles a 1946 Ford.

There is also another build thread at the French forum "Forum jouets anciens" by user dinky26:

Both threads have images showing the different stages of the build.
Since it is a rather simple build, construction reports are short,
and so this will be the same.


Now, onto this build.

I downloaded Patricia's original scans (there have never been any challenges to any old kits
sourced from her website) and digitally cleaned and color-processed them to get a better look.
However after seeing photos of the Ford 46 Superdeluxe convertible which may have been
the inspiration for this kit
I changed plans and decided to apply some burgundy color
to the body, and and also changed the seats and top color to a beige one for contrast.

Since this thread is only intended as reference and inspiration, and as a recolor practice,
the modified digital files will not be publicly shared to avoid improper distribution
and to prevent the value of original kits to be dramatically affected.
But, of course, if yu have any concern about the validity of this build, feel free to
report the thread or contact the administrators about it.

This is what will be built.
More or less.

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-02.jpg


The original French text is actually simple and straightforward.
It basically instructs you to follow the assembly diagrams in a certain order.

Since the build is simple, you will only need to follow this order as suggested in the instructions:

In the original kit all fold lInes are marked the same way (dashed/mountain lines),
but in fact there are several valley folds that need to be made.
Check the assembly diagrams for a proper folding.

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-04.jpg

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-05.jpg

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-06.jpg

1 - Chassis and wheels:

+ Frame of chassis
+ Floor supporting the seats.
+ Part "B" of the engine (to the bottom of the chassis and the seats support.
+ Part "A" of the engine (cut-out slots A and B on it and gle to floor of chassis).
+ Glue the steering column support.

+ Under the chassis frame, glue the boxes of the front and rear springs.
+ Superior and inferior springs to the intended locations on the above boxes

[Special note: the leaf springs will carry all the weight of the car,
for additional strenght I used CA glue to soak them.]

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-07.jpg

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-08.jpg

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-09.jpg

+ Build the brake drums by doubling them and gluing the hub support.
+ Mount that to the springs.

[Special note: be careful when building the hubs. The circular cutouts seem to be
bigger than they actually should be. The holes should be a bit smaller.
First bild the cylindrical axles, and with that diameter +1mm cut out the holes.]

+ Assemble engine part "C".
+ Glue the pump, and the fan to the designated places on the engine block.
+ Build the air filter and carburetor that will slide on the slots of engine part "C".
+ This assembly will slide on the slots of part "A" which is glued to the chassis frame.

+ Assemble the radiator and glue it to the chassis.

+ Build the wheels and mount the hub following the diagram [or the photos below].
+ Place the wheel by inserting the hub in the support and gluing disc "B" of the hub
which will prevent it from coming out of its support.
+ The brake drum must then be applied with a little "play" on the wheel to allow it
for rotation .

+ Finally, build the seats and glue them on the chassis floor. The rear seat doesn't
have a back, and will stay "in the air".

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-11.jpg

2 - Body:

+ The main body closes at the back by joining the lid of the trunk to the rear of the sides.
+ Remember to cut along the dark line until the middle of the door.

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-12.jpg

+ Assemble the dashboard and firewall. Place the instruments: clock, handbrake, pedals.
+ The battery is glued to the front of the firewall.
+ Glue the dashboard/firewall to the body where indicated.
+ Fit and glue the windshield on the body and the dashboard.

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-13.jpg

+ Now glue the front part of the body (front fenders and grill). The door line must align. Fit and glue carefully.

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-14.jpg

[Special note: here I found easier to glue from the front corner towards the back.

Makes fitting more accurate and assembly less difficult.]

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-15.jpg

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-16.jpg

+ Assemble the rear part of the body (rear fenders) to the indicated location.
+ Shape the headlight cones and glue to the front. Glue the mirror to the center pillar of the windshield.
+ Now you can mount the body to the chassis, gluing it to the places indicated on the chassis (front, back and sides).

[Special note: While it is rather easy to glue the body to the sides and front of the chassis,
it is a mystery as to how to glue the firewall to the floor.

There is no easy way to do it and the help of thin long dowels may be needed.

To correctly glue the body to the chassis remember to align the marks

of the rear seat.]

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-17.jpg

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-18.jpg
+ Build the steering column and the steering wheel. Glue the electric gear changer
to the steering column and under the steering wheel.

+ Install everything on the car by inserting the tube through the firewall,
and gluing it to the bottom of its support on the chassis.

+ Glue the hood. Glue the hood ornament to the front, and the support of the hood
which folds to the interior when in "closed position". Glue the hood on the body
using the two hinges provided.

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-19.jpg

This is the correct way of gluing the roof elements for a proper alignment.

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-20.jpg

+ Assemble the convertible roof following the diagrams. The two shafts
must be housed in the support provided in the rear seat.

The end of this support must be glued to the inside of the body in the designated place.

+ Fold and glue the front and rear bumpers to the body.


[The following paragraph closes the original French instructions:]

The car is finished. You can try its amazing flexibility by placing the car
on a flat surface (for example a table) and weighing slightly on the front and rear of the vehicle.
You can decorate your car by making the windshield and side windows with transparent film or cellophane,
and by applying a layer of transparent varnish on the body and dashboard, and on the steering wheel
and wheels, with the exception of the tires.
If you want to keep your small car for as long as possible, it is recommended
that you don’t roll it over uneven surfaces unless they have rounded, non-abrupt terrain.
Attached Thumbnails
Jouets Ellen - convertible car-01.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-02.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-03.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-04.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-05.jpg  

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-06.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-07.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-08.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-09.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-11.jpg  

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-12.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-13.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-15.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-14.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-16.jpg  

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-17.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-18.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-19.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-20.jpg  
Rubén Andrés Martínez A.

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Old 04-23-2019, 12:57 PM
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This is an interesting kit.
The sheer size of it makes for an impressive view, and the graphic details,
though simple, are effective.

The rolling wheels and operational convertible roof are nice features.

Assembly is easy and intuitive for the most part, but the asembly of some parts
requires certain degree of skills.

I would not recommend this kit for a novice or a kid,
since some difficult parts may discourage them.
Gluing the firewall to the sides and to the chassis
requires some careful attention, as well as the front bumpers
to the main body.

But if accompanied/supervised by a veteran modeller, they can do it
and have some good fun while learning in the process.

The kit would benefit a lot from a proper re-design that corrects the several
fitting issues, and the small inaccuracies it has

Also, some details like the chrome parts and the rear lights could be improved
if made in 3D.

The frame of the windshield has a weird shape, and I guess with somne patience
someone could design an even better windshield. It also needs reinforcement,
as it is flimsy.

I don't particulary like the seats. They're too simple, and they don't have sides
that give them stability and proper shape.

Suspensions should not be abused, as there is always the risk of damaging the leaf springs.

The "detailed" engine that can be disasembled to view the components is wonderful.
Quite simple in design, but effective in the representation of the major components.

This could be the (ephemeral) joy of a kid to play with.
Or this could be just a nice addition to any modeler's collection.

In any case, it is a nice model. And if we consider that it was produced by a toy company,
the more merit to the designer by creating an object of this quality back in those days.

The possible inspiration for this kit.

Attached Thumbnails
Jouets Ellen - convertible car-21.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-22.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-23.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-24.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-26.jpg  

Jouets Ellen - convertible car-28.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-30.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-31.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-34.jpg  
Rubén Andrés Martínez A.

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I would have no argument if you declared
the Artist placed a "Production Tag" on the firewall of the Auto.
Just like a real car might have.

It states "Ellen (vehicle model...maybe a relative?)
12 (cylinders)
V (Vee engine)
11.11.45 (referring to the production date of the artwork)

Its definitely a 40s style car, but being French, not necessarily a US model.
V12 is a pretty uncommon US engine.
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May I suggest that the inspiration may be the 42-48 Lincoln Continental, especially since it seems to be a V-12 engine. A 47 sedan and a 48 convertible.
Attached Thumbnails
Jouets Ellen - convertible car-lincoln-201947-20continental-20sedan-20rr-20rt-x2.jpg   Jouets Ellen - convertible car-lincoln-20continental-201948-20side-20left-xl.jpg  
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AirDave, there were several American V12's, Pierce-Arrow, Packard, Lincoln, Cadillac, Auburn and Franklin (air cooled even). Not a car, but Segraves used a couple of versions of the Pierce-Arrow engine up to 1970. American La France also had a V12.
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That unusual windshield could be a major clue to the car, but the body definitely looks like the Ford. Ford had agreements with many countries to build its vehicles. Did France have that type of agreement?
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