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MM Aviation TBD Devastator

Thought I'd throw my hat in the ring with this old 1991 release of the Devastator. This aircraft was a state of the art when introduced in 1935 and entered service in '37. It was armed with either a 30 or 50 in the cowling and had a flex mount in the rear. Normally crewed by 3 for bombing attacks often this was reduced to 2 for torpedo attacks. The "big punch" was the Bliss Levatt mark 13 torpedo, but this proved to be a very unreliable fish. The aircraft Maly put out seems to be one from the Lexington in Coral Sea colours. This battle was probably the 1st and last success for this plane which took part in sinking the Japanese light carrier Shoho. the 1st pics show the Maly kit in it's original colours and circa 1991 burlap paper. I scanned it recolured it and added a more realistic cockpit layout, wheelwells and basically better details....
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