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FGMM Douglas Dauntless SBD

This one is going to be straight stock, with one or two small exceptions. I don't think the exceptions will be enough to disqualify it as a stock build though - Chip's directions often tell you to use toothpicks, or Cheerios or buttons etc as optional parts to improve the model.

I've had this kit printed out for at least a year, but never started it. It's on 110 lb stock, which is pretty heavy for 1/72 scale. This is an older, hand drawn design of Chip's from 1998, so it might provide some unexpected challenges.

I started my build with the fuselage. In the spirit of "stock", I used the glue tabs & overlapped paper assembly method. When I formed the front fuselage segment, I left the cockpit flap unattached (for now). It's obvious that it will need to be seriously trimmed to fit properly, plus it looks like I'll need it open for access to the center wing. The engine blank completes this section of the fuselage. Instead of attaching it via the sawtooth glue tabs, I turned it into a bulkhead by laminating it to 1mm card instead. I'll insert it from the open front before I attach the cowling.

Next came the aft fuselage section. I left all the glue tabs on, including those on the vertical stab, and overlapped the paper. This part was pretty tricky to form, but it turned out fine. After pre-shaping the piece as much as possible, I started gluing at the extreme rear underside of the tail. When that was dry and strong, I glued just the frontmost stabilizer tab, and let that dry. Then I glued the forward fuselage tab. After that came all the rest of the leading edge stabilizer tabs in one swell foop, and finally the trailing edge.

This is all I accomplished today. More to follow
Regards, Don
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