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Super Corsair Military Repaint

Hey everyone I am working on a repaint/upgrade of my Super Corsair. I am working on repaint with several military versions. The Super Corsair came in 2 versions the F2G-1 and the F2G-2. The -1 was land based with no tailhook, manually folded wings, 4 .50 cal maching guns and and larger prop than the -2. The was the carrier based version and had the hydraulics for the wings and a tailhook in addition to 6 .50 cal machine guns and the smaller prop for deck clearance.

Both -1 and -2 will be represented in the kit. I have made and am in process of making numerous modifications to the kit. There is a thread currently on about the project:

Test Build of F2G-1 "Super" Corsair Military Version

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