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"What If" V-22 Ospreys

Hi All;
I am now working on a set of what if Ospreys, So far I have a USFS UV-22C that is going to be beta built, and I have the first of a set of mainly orange HV-22J for the USCG, I am making a base version and a base version of the mainly white one, then an addon set for different airstations across the U.S. I am also going to do the same for the USFS one as well. If any one has a favorite National Park PM me with the name and I can use it as an addon choice, same for the USCG airstations. Also I am still working on the repaint of Marek's B-24 and finishing up the drones. If any one has nose art or pics of patches from any airstations let me know as I would like to add them onto the versions to spice them up.
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