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haha I think I already deleted the files
not a problem

For many repaints, a larger portion of the job is in creating the files that I will use for the 'repaint"
(to add the colours, textures, markings, etc)
as other members have found, the conversion process, getting files into certain programs, modifying files to be editable in your favorite editing software
can sometimes be the most daunting task...and thats as far as I got with this Apache so far.
I haven't actually started any colouring process since I'm busy with other things, this was a job for the future
so feel free to continue with your efforts and i will just toss this one away.

I don't reveal what I am working on, until that project becomes a workable reality.
(I think I am embarassed to reveal a project and then have to scrap it for some reason)
Or, my models at ecardmodels: Dave'sCardCreations
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