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Originally Posted by Elliott View Post
If there is a build thread, a link to it would be nice.
do you mean the using the used up ball point pen to mark card to look like rivets there is a thread on it? its on all I remember about it do is the user was from Poland and he joined here the other week to help with the game design. All I remember is the name begins with L on both forums. Sure he will post a link to it if he sees us chatting about his cool method elliott it was super great style of building the man has. I tried it with the me109 the other week. and well I must have went to hard or discovered some extra reserve of ink in the pen.

found his profile on here elliot.. I may find it to the other one but that would take ages so may do that tommorow for the and who knows may find the thread If i do I will post it to you
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