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Good point! So obvious I missed it - will add to original post

Link to build thread...

In regards to this: if the model be to much for a person starting out on card modeling

I expect EVERY model showcased in this book to be much too difficult for the absolute beginner. At least to achieve the results that will be shown. I figure most normal builders with several under their belt will be able to build most of the models in the book. This is to inspire people to see what is possible and to help people that do not know our hobby at all to see what is possible with our medium.

I do want the builder to list changes he made though like added rivet marks, added rigging, added x detail or scratch built x part etc etc

How to card model is another topic I may do in a later book BUT I have tried to start that before and gotten nowhere.... its almost too much to handle, at least for me, right now.
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