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Quentin Roosevelts Nieport 28 in paper

I am using Roman's model as the base with Old Trolls color selection. I have collected a plethora of pics from the net and plan many more in this series. Once the eengine cowlings and insignias are done it will move along more quickly

This is a few posts strung together

Yeah - I tried it. I dont have many vertecies in the drawing because I put them in myself with the pen tool to maintain control I just gotta tweak it more. It looks better already

Here is a partial snap of blank Nieuport I will be using. A friend of mine (old troll) touched up the colors and did extensive research to ensure accuracy. I compared to one I did, the original and another blank that was offered to me and this is the one I was most satisfied with

The insignia was much closer to what I needed than I thought. A few minor color corrections and curve changes but very minor - you will see it next when its on the plane.


ok - I got the insignia applied now off to bed!
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