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Originally Posted by mbauer View Post
Hi mldixon,

Looks great!

Kind of curious if you have some three views of the d-21 you used to do your rendering?

I only had some photos to use, haven't been able to find a 3-vu anywhere. I have some photos I took of the M-21 Blackbird and D-21 at the Seattle Museum of Flight.

Not very good perspective, but if you need any I would be happy to send you them.

Although they recovered hardly any of the canisters, several were launched from B-52's after Kelly Johnson ended the program. Launching them from the M-21 Blackbirds was canceled when one was lost with a pilot.

In his book, Ben Rich says that this is the worlds most efficient aerodynamics aircraft.

Best regards,
Mike Bauer

Try this link for a good three view image.
Thanks for the offer of additional material but to be honest with you I have hard drive overload already on this one.

Video of the midair crash

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