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Originally Posted by airdave View Post
Its an interesting aircraft isn't it?
A nicely detailed version (like you are designing) will be a cool addition!
...especially if it does mate up (scale wise) to the SR71.
During a visit to Beale AFB, Calif, years ago, I came by a display of a D-21 on a transport cart near the flight area of the base. I had never seen one of them before, nor had I heard of the drone. I looked it over for several minutes and started to walk away when someone came out of the building it was in front of.

After questioning him for several minutes, I learned a lot about the aircraft, and what it could do, and also that it had recently been quietly declassified.

I recall reading somewhere about one of the drones being found in either China or the old Soviet Union. They was a bit of confusion as to what it was and where it came from. I think I would have been somewhat confused if one morning, one of them appeared in my backyard. 8v)
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