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Rear gunner cupola and tail gun .

As a bit of reference, the B-17G has evolved and one improvement was the gunner visibility with the Cheyenne"-style rear gun turret. It is rounder and wider to give the poor guy a bit of elbow room. See picture here:

The very rear of the gun turret is a simple 3 piece ( part 7 ) in which I glued the half round center first and then the 2 sides to form the turret.
Ron's B-17G Beta build by Isaac-dsc09304.jpgRon's B-17G Beta build by Isaac-dsc09305.jpgRon's B-17G Beta build by Isaac-dsc09306.jpg

Our parts here are 35 and 36 which is the top. I rounded part 35 around the rear center window and then glued the top piece 26 by lining up the tick marks. Glue it except the forward edges to be glued onto the vertical fin. I also did not glue the forward sides of part 36 as it will slide into the vertical fin and end by former P.
Ron's B-17G Beta build by Isaac-dsc09307.jpgRon's B-17G Beta build by Isaac-dsc09308.jpgRon's B-17G Beta build by Isaac-dsc09309.jpg

My piece of part 35 was a bit too long when compare with the other builds. My vertical tail was glued per the instructions, so not sure if it was more forward it would not look correct. Anyhow, nothing major, but here it is.
Ron's B-17G Beta build by Isaac-dsc09310.jpg

Once dry, you can glue on the entire cupola in place. The fit was good.
Ron's B-17G Beta build by Isaac-dsc09311.jpg
Now you can dry fit the rudder in place. I drilled a small hole into Former P and inserted a small piece of tooth pick and then cut a small hole in the rudder at the adjoining spot to use it as a guide and allow me to slide it back and forth to match the fin marking. It is not yet glued , but is in place.
Ron's B-17G Beta build by Isaac-dsc09314.jpgRon's B-17G Beta build by Isaac-dsc09330.jpg


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