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Barry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)

Ok so I'm not building this fresh, but I think it belongs here anyway not just as a reminder of what a good designer Barry was, but what a kind soul he was to offer his time and talent to help me complete a project that never would have been finished without his help.

My ex partners father served on the HMAS Vendetta during the vietnam war, and also on her sister ship the Voyager. Ironically, he also served on the HMAS Melbourne which accidentaly rammed and sunk the HMAS Voyager during a training exercise. As an added twist, Barry also designed a Colossus class Carrier (same as HMAS Melbourne) If I had the time, I'd build a Colossus for this forum tribute, but I don't so I'll just settle for buying a copy which is the least I can do to repay Barry for his kindness.

Barry designed the Daring class for me, and eventually decided to build one for himself, the original design thread can be found Here.

I first met Barry on Zealot, where he answered a request for help in finding a similar ship to base a scratchbuilt Daring on. Being the generous fella that he was, he offered to design the whole thing for me so I helped out as much as I could with reference shots and a decent set of Webb Warships plans that I scanned for him to help with the design.

I would have been happy with just the hull and basic superstructure to get me started, but Barry designed the whole ship, making my task so much easier. I started out at 1:100 scale but eventually restarted at 1:200 to save having to rescale everything and in response to a comment from the model's eventual recipient "Geezus, where the hell am I going to put THAT!?"

The parts Barry sent me were coloured but I eventually painted the whole model to cover a few mistakes and I'd added a lot of scratchbuilt extra's from brown cardstock.

Anyway, that's more than enough rambling from me, as usual, so here's some pics of the finished model.

Barry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_002.jpgBarry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_003.jpgBarry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_004.jpg

Barry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_005.jpgBarry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_006.jpgBarry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_007.jpg

Barry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_008.jpgBarry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_009.jpgBarry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_010.jpg

Barry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_011.jpgBarry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_012.jpgBarry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_013.jpg

Barry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_014.jpgBarry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_016.jpgBarry's Daring Class (HMAS Vendetta)-img20110625_022.jpg

Rest in Peace Barry, you really will be missed.
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