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PM & Chino Walk-Around

Originally Posted by Willja67 View Post
Hey Gil if you're watching this one I'm looking at the wings now especially the jet intakes in the wing root and wondering if you have any input on how they faired that into the airfoil shape?

Anyone else feel free to jump in if you know something. Or if anyone is close to Chino and the Planes of Fame Museum and can get some good pics of their Fireball that would be helpful. The one area of the plane I haven't seen any pictures of yet in my searching is the cockpit, so again any help is appreciated.
On intake detail see PM - answers several detail issues.

Chino walk-around is here: SVSM Gallery :: Ryan FR-1 Fireball, Planes of Fame Air Show 2011, by Vladimir Yakubov

Have fun and Merry Christmas!

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