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OTDAEABT 2 - Maly Modelarz SBD-3 Dauntless

Alright here goes my next one.

Designed by Bohdan Wasiak yet again.

4 pages of parts, 1 page of formers.

This plane is supposed to be from the 243 dive bomber division of the 1st Marine Air Wing, in 1943. That's my rough translation, don't know what the proper format is.

Seems simple enough, and the canopy is easier than the F-5. The author claims this one is easy, so we'll see.
I already suspect problems, so I'll be more careful this time - I'm going to cut the formers too large, so I can actually shape them together and avoid the misfits I had last time. That was the first and last time I cut all the formers at once before trying them out.

If the model works out it should be a nice plane. I really like these American Pacific theatre planes.

OTDAEABT 2 - Maly Modelarz SBD-3 Dauntless-img_2441.jpg

OTDAEABT 2 - Maly Modelarz SBD-3 Dauntless-img_2442.jpg

I'll start something later today, once I finish some more school work.
- Kuba

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